Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Daily Practice: Spa Water

When Takata went to Japan & entered the hospital, it was the Dietician who began introducing her to Reiki, through the blessed food & water that she was served. As she gained stength for the proposed surgery, they told her to Consider the Hospital as "a Fancy Resort Hotel or spa."

Over the last 30 years, I've taken & offered many classes on healing. A common thread is the recommendation to drink more clear fluids, which accelerate the electrical process & aide healing. A healing crisis or catharsis may ocur after a healing session or initiation, like a battery, we need the fluid to hold the 'charge.'

Reiki, Etheric, & Lightwork teachers all suggest BLESSING the fluids we drink and food we eat. An African teacher suggests beaming 'rainbows into your water.' Here is a fun post on making your own 'spa water' by marinating fruits, flowers & herbs in your water!

My dear harper & healer friend Jewel often gathers FLOWERS (edible & OG) & herbs, & keeps a supply of pretty glass pitchers on hand for gatherings. The first I attended, she sent me out to the garden with a basket to gather herbs & flowers, which we rinsed, placed in the pitchers, then added lemon slices & filtered water!
Beautiful. And tasty! A few drops of Flower Essences are another way to enhance your Spa Water.

So if you struggle to drink enough water - try some 'spa water' with flowers & herbs from your own (unsprayed) yard! Remember to stick to plants you KNOW - here's a nice chart of edible flowers, with some tips on use & cautions.

And beam Rainbows into each glass - Viola! Spa Water!


  1. I enjoy drinking water, but I must admit that sometimes I would like to "enhance" it. I'm going to try making my own spa water after having read this post. Thanks for sharing!

    1. So true - adding flowers, lemon, cucumber etc to water make it seem SO special - & make it easier to drink more! I hope you enjoy playing with this idea!