Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Reiki History

Here we are, at the end of the year!

As we prepare for the first session of our Reiki class this Sunday, January 5, I'd like to share links to the 'History of Reiki' posts I've done over the last couple of months.

When Takata brought Reiki to the West in the late 30s, & began telling the story of Reiki to people outside of Japan, she 'edited' her tell for her Western audience. In recent years, as communication between Reiki practitioners in Japan has opened up, a more accurate picture has emerged. I've enjoyed revisiting the Reiki stories, & look forward to sharing more of them with you!

Here are links to my posts on the history of Reiki:

Mikeo Usui: Mountaintop Experience
                    Reiki - The word
                    Reiki Principles, as Usui taught them

Chujiro Hayashi: Hayashi's story
                            Teaching/ Learning Reiki in the 30s

Hawayo Takata: Her healing story
                            Learning & bringing Reiki to the West

You can also click on their names in the Labels, & find other places I've referred to each of them.

Blessings of the New Year to each of you!

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Self Care 101

I've been participating in Catherine Basu's '12 Days of Fitness Challenge, & today, Tonya Lynette shared an article on Mind Body Green list 10 tips for a Healthier Life
I've adapted the tips a bit, with suggestions for integrating Reiki into these practices.

1. Move more. Regardless of your age, your brain and body expect and require movement for health. Movement exerts its effects on the brain through several mechanisms, including neurogenesis (the creation of new neurons), mood enhancement, and endorphin release. Do some form of exercise that significantly raises your heart rate for 30 minutes at least four times a week.
Incorporate Qi/Chi building movement several times weekly as well - 3 Palms Rising is a simple beginning! Remember also to break up your sitting and move frequently during the day.
2. Get more sleep. Sleep is often the single most undervalued behavior in our lives, and one with immediate power to improve our experience in every waking moment. If you get six or fewer hours of sleep most nights, aim for one more hour of sleep on average — it will leave you feeling more physically energized, emotionally resilient, and mentally clear.
You may find, as you integrate Reiki & perhaps Qigong into your daily routines, that you need less sleep. My qigong teacher generally sleeps about 5 hours a night! A Chinese Qigong teacher commented that his mentors also slept fewer hours at night, but took a nap if they felt like it! So pay attention to what YOUR body seems happiest with!
3. Eat less, more often. Food is fuel, and real food — lean proteins and vegetables/fruits (complex carbohydrates) — are high-octane fuel. You’re best off when you eat in small doses throughout the day, beginning with breakfast.
Drink more pure water, green & herb teas. Remember to bless your food and drink with Reiki as you prepare and serve it.
4. Remove interference.  Reiki and Massage can literally change your life, and enable you to a pain-free existence, full of energy and vitality. Reiki and massage help eliminate pain and inflammation, reduce fatigue, and restore normal nerve flow to all your organs — giving you the energy, drive, and peace of mind to go out and live life more fully.
Daily self-Reiki & periodic Reiki exchanges/ Reiki circle attendance grant deep and long lasting change.
4 Elements Yoga Studio
5. Renew more. Human beings are not designed to work continuously. We’re meant to alternate
between moving (spending energy) and resting or doing Qi building exercises (renewing energy).
Ideally, take a break every 90 minutes, even if only to spend a minute or two stretching, doing Qigong, self-Reiki, or breathing deeply. It  all adds up.
6. Be present. The greatest gift you can give someone is your undivided attention. After all, it’s better to be fully present with someone for an hour than physically present, but distracted, for multiple hours. Shut off your phone at a certain time each dayand practice being present with your family and friends. If you find yourself feeling scattered, do a few minutes of Self-Reiki.
7. Give thanks. We’re far quicker to notice what’s wrong in our lives than we are what’s right. To help change this mindset, once a week aim to write a note of appreciation to someone who deserves it, telling the person precisely what you’re grateful for. Take time at the end of the day to reflect on your gratitudes.
8. Do the most important thing first. Early in the morning, you’re likely to have the most energy, and the fewest distractions. This is a perfect time for a 10-40 minute Self-Reiki treatment. Begin your workday by focusing without interruption on the most important or difficult task you can accomplish that day.
9. Keep learning. Our brains work better if we challenge them, and life becomes more interesting when we do. Reading books is a simple and surefire way to learn and grow, but so is building a daily practice around learning a new language, a sport, an instrument, or around how to fix a car, or draw. As you're learning, utilize Reiki's gift for simplifying the learning process, & integrating new information.
10. Give back. Lending a helping hand not only aids others in need, it’s also very rewarding. Throughout the year, aim to take some time to add value to the world at large by supporting charities, standing up for great causes, or giving back to your community. Volunteering to do Reiki for events & groups is a wonderful way to share your gifts.
Just for today, Reiki for the self first, then for friends, family & community!

Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Hawayo Takata!

This beautiful December day, with sun shining bright, I wish to honor teacher Hawayo Takata, who was born on Dec 24!

Hawayo Takata
"It all began as dawn was just breaking over the Garden Isle of Kauai. The day would be Christmas Eve, 1900. In the home of a young Japanese couple, a mid-wife was helping the young mother deliver her third child. Many young people had come from Japan to this island of flowers to work in the flourishing cane industry, and this family was living in the village of Hanamaulu, near Lihue.
... when the mother looked at that tiny, squirming, wailing bit of humanity, she thought to herself, 'if she is ever to amount to very much, she must have a very big name.' Then the idea came to her to name her after the Big Island, Hawaii, changing the last letter to 'O' because girls names ended in O.'
... 'Give her a bath and wrap her in a new blanket. Then face her to the sun, put your hand on her head and say three times, 'I NAME YOU HAWAYO,' and then say 'Success, success, success.'"
Fran Brown, Living Reiki, Hawayo Takata's teachings.

Throughout her life, from the age of 37 to her death at 80, Hawayo Takata generously shared the gift of Reiki with the West & much of the world. Her legacy lives on in the thousands upon thousands of Reiki practitioners and teachers who continue to share Reiki with their friends, families and clients!

Just for today, let us honor Hawayo Takata, & thank her for the gift of Reiki!

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Diminuitive Dynamo - part 2

After Mrs Takata recovered her health, she was ready for the next step: 

Learning how to do this wonderful Reiki! 

She asked Mr Hayashi, but he was reluctant to teach a Western person Reiki, feeling that Japan had already 'lost' enough of its teachings to the US. “It is a closely guarded treasure. It is for Japanese people only.” She WAS an American woman! When she wanted to see something, she stopped and looked. When she wanted to know something, she asked. She respected his answer, and said no more; but she wasn't about to give up!

One day, her surgeon, Dr Maeda, asked how she was doing. She told him that she had a reaction after the forth treatment. Then, for 14 days & nights, 'bathroom, bathroom, bathroom! So much I had to crawl back to my room. I was able to walk for the first time December 24, my birthday; and the next day I was a new person. I gained 14 pounds, and lost 10 years! I am getting well, & I want to learn Reiki. Please, doctor, help me!'

Studying Reiki would involve remaining in Japan for at least another year – could she do this? Yes! It would not be inexpensive, how would she pay for it? She told Dr Maeda “I'll SELL My HOUSE!” … 'But, if you sell your house, where will you live when you return to Hawaii?' “There is much illness in my family, if I don't have my health, what good is my house? If I have my health, I can buy another house!”

Finally, Dr Maeda decided to support her effort, & took out traditional writing implements, a brush, a sumi stick & the Ink stone. He used a scroll 'about two and ½ yards long.' ground ink, & wrote a letter, recommending Mrs Takata as a student in Hayashi's Reiki School. Because the doctor wrote the letter himself, & pleaded Mrs Takata's case, that because of her health, because of her family, she needed the tools to help herself & her family. He granted her request.

So Mrs Takata took care of her 'family details,' and moved into the Hayashi home. She received the initiations over four days, & learned to give Reiki treatments. In later years as she taught, she would say “spend half your treatment time on the front of the body, because this is the main factory. It processes the fuel taken in and delivers it to the places where it is needed.”
Each morning, from 7-noon, the interns gave treatments to those who came to the clinic. They worked in pairs, sixteen practitioners, treating eight clients. They had an hour for lunch, then made home visits, individually, treating each client for 60-90 minutes. Sometimes she was given just a scrap of paper with the address. The streets were not simple to navigate, nor the addresses simple to find – yet with the help of Reiki, she always arrived on time, & offered the treatment. 

Sometimes they would ride a train for several hours to reach the home.  She occasionally traveled with Dr Hayashi to a luxurious home, even having opportunity to treat a princess! They usually finished by 7 in the evening, and she found both a hot bath & a hot meal awaiting her. She was ready for the next level, Oku Den, 'if you can afford it.'

So in 1936, she paid $500- US for the next training, and then returned to Kauai. At first, she had no intentions of practicing Reiki professionally, but just to help her family & retain her own health. But as she treated family & friends, word spread, & more & more people sought healing. In October of 1936, she opened her office in Kapaa.

November of that year, Hayashi Sensei & his daughter came to Hawaii, first to Kauai, then to Honolulu to offer demonstrations & lectures about Reiki, at no charge. He also offered private consultations.

By February of 1938, Dr Hayashi had initiated both his wife and Mrs Takata as Reiki Masters, announcing it at a banquet in Honolulu, & saying “she has had many tests and has lived up to the principles. I ask you to give her your support. She is the Master and she can carry on.”

Over the next 35 years, Hawayo Takata offered healings, traveled back & forth between the US and Hawaii, & taught many people the 2 levels of Reiki she called First & Second Degree (In Japan, the 6th level was the lowest level, with level 1 being the top or Mastery). In the early 70s, she began initiating Masters, including her Granddaugher Phyllis Furomoto, in 1979. She initiated 22 Masters before she made her transition at almost 80 years old, in Seattle Washington, December 12, 1980.
Hawayo Takata

Takata affirmed “It is not I that does the healing, but the God Power coming through me that heals. Place your hands, trust your hands, allow the Reiki Energy to flow through you into your client without concerning yourself as to how or when the healing will take place.”

Information from my Master's stories, from The Reiki Sourcebook, from Fran Brown, Living Reiki, Takata's Teachings

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Essence Bouquet: Healing Heart and Hands

In the Flower Essence Repertory, Patricia Kaminsky & Richard Katz write: In selecting appropriate essences, one can start with the positive goal, and then uncover the emotional or mental pattern which blocks the purpose. Likewise, one ith the client's pattern of imbalance or suffering, and then determine the positive quality which needs to be developed." 

This applies when choosing an individual essence, or formulating a bouquet

I find essences often 'present' themselves to be included in bouquets, as soon as I set the intention of what I wish to address, both positive goals, & blocks to achieving that goal. Here are the flowers for 'Healing Heart & Hands'

Ajuga: In the early 90s, my friend Kimberly made this essence, & gave this description: "Release fears around giving healing touch; energy for healing."
Calendula: Ground & nourish all levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. I AM one with Sister Earth.
Pikake (Jasmine): I AM centered in the sacred fire.
Plumaria: Connect with traditions, brings awareness of family roots. Restores spiritual integrity. 
Red Shamrock: Donna Cunningham made this one: "New Spark Plugs."
St Joan's Wort: Shield of light, illuminated consciousness. I AM the light of God.

Molly Sheehan of Green Hope Farm Essences: "Each kind of flower essence is a high frequency electrical solution imprinted with the Divine Wisdom and energetic vibrational pattern of a particular flower.  ... When our electrical systems are challanged by the learning lessons of our daily life, they can sometimes overload, short circuit or shut down. ... Flower essences offer our systems an alternative way to vibrate." 

Monday, December 16, 2013


Mrs Takata often told her students 'Hands on, Reiki on!' emphasising the simplicity of engaging the Reiki energy. I liken it to charging a battery, if a battery is low, when you attach it to a charger, it 'draws' the energy it needs through the cord or jumper cables. When you take it off the charger, it no longer draws energy.
Denise Linn - 'Flow'

When we place our 'Reiki Charged' hands on someone needing energy, they draw the energy through us - 'Hands on, Reiki on!' When we take our hands off, they no longer 'draw' energy. (In second degree, we learn to consciously 'send' Reiki across distance of space & time, but the focus in First Degree is hands on work.)

Mrs Takata also suggested eating simple food, full of vitality, in the hospital, she likely received simple Japanese fare - rice, steamed vegetables, Miso soup, fresh water & green tea.

When preparing to receive Initiation into Reiki, students are encouraged to simplify, to eat consciously, healthy fresh food where possible. To drink a bit more water (which helps our human batteries retain their charge) & perhaps green or herbal teas. If you commonly drink coffee, perhaps cut back a bit, & refrain from alcohol. 

I will offer Reiki 1 January 5 & 19 (2 sessions) 2014. Contact me if you're interested in attending! 

Just for today, simplify!

Saturday, December 7, 2013


I love finding *new* (to me!) information & sites about Reiki. & revisiting *old* favorites.

Here are a few:

My dear friend Margo Vance-Borland is a healer & Reiki Master in Corvallis, Oregon. Margo also studied Reiki with Takata in 1973, and became a Reiki Master in 1994. She offers sessions & classes in Corvallis & at her beautiful Seichim Center, West of the town.

John Harvey Grey was the third of 22 Reiki Masters initiated by Hawayo Takata (in 1976), & taught well into his 90s! The John Harvey Grey Center For Reiki Healing has some lovely articles, a Facebook page, & online newsletter. Though John passed in 2011, the Center he founded still offers training on the East Coast.

Several months ago my friends met Portland Reiki Master Michelle Garnier Winkler at the Body/ Mind/ Spirit Expo, & were impressed with her warmth & joy. She offers sessions & classes at her center in Portland, Oregon.

I studied Reiki in 1989, & became a Reiki Master in the spring of 1991. I've taught Reiki since that time, & love 'opening the Reiki door' for people of all ages!  My site, Ladyharper, offers information on my sessions, classes, flower essences, & music.

Sheila King was my small group leader at the NW Reiki Gathering in 1992, & I have been blessed to call her friend for over 20 years. Her work spans Reiki, Aura Soma, Lightweaving, the Reconnection. A gifted healer & teacher, Sheila is a treasure! I studied Lightweaving with her last summer, & love 'weaving' a bit at the end of a session!

For the last 10 or so years, JoAnn Albright has been my Qigong Mentor & Teacher. JoAnn teaches several styles, having studied for years herself. My most recent work was learning 5 Element Standing Stake, & being certified to teach this form. Qigong is another way to tap/attune to the healing universal energy, & a beautiful complement to Reiki.

Just for today - honor your parents, teachers, elders & way-showers.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Ready for Reiki

When the sudent - or teacher, is ready, things happen!

For several years I taught Reiki intensively - small classes & workshop offerings at Breitenbush Hot Springs, a 'sabatical' (from massage) year at the coast with weekly Reiki circles, then classes here in McMinnville, including initiating my daughter & daughter-in law .... then those girls began having babies, & my GRANDMAMA years began!

That coincided with my move to a co-op office with several treatment rooms, but no large classroom space. I adapted by teaching a few classes elsewhere, & offering individual training in my own Therapy room.

Recently, a friend expressed interest in a class, & I approached a couple of friends about using their spaces for classes. So in January, I'll begin offering classes again on a regular basis! I'm excited.

Your Reiki class, teacher & community:
  • You'll be attuned to Reiki - a lifelong tool! 
  • Learn to treat yourself and loved ones (including pets)
  • Spiritual, mental & emotional growth
  • Physical well being & enhanced vigor
  • Learn techniques that make you less vulnerable to upsets, others' negative energy & attitudes, familial patterns of disfunction
  • Learn energetic self-care
  • Introduction to Reiki's limitless potential 
  • A personalized Flower Essence Bouquet & 'Hands-on' bouquet, to use before giving sessions while you become familiar with the Reiki energy
  • Become more hopeful, positive, and let go of troubles more readily
  • Tap into the Divine, unconditional love that is Reiki
  • Time is allowed between class sessions to practice, start to integrate the attunements,  gather questions, and practice before returning to complete the class as a group
  • Anyone can learn, & Reiki benefits people from all walks of life, all spiritual and cultural traditions
Your teacher: 
  • Nadya has worked with the Reiki energy 25 years, & been teaching Reiki for 22 years
  • Her basic work has been in the Usui system, with its roots in Japan
  • Tapping the same energy through Qigong & Tai Chi
  • Lifetime support for your Reiki questions no expiration date (e-mail and phone, in person)!
  • Offers opportunity to continue with Reiki, in your own time frame (2nd Degree classes will also be offered regularly, & Mastery as requested)
Your community:
  • Peer support and connection within the Reiki community
  • Service & volunteer opportunities
  • Reiki circles, support through 'distant' Reiki
What does one learn in First Degree Reiki?
  • Basic 'hands-on' treatment
  • Self-treatment options
  • History & traditions
  • Reiki principles & Zen Funeral
  • Practices you can integrate into daily life
  • Handouts to support your practice
  • Q & A time in both classes, with time between to practice
  • How to treat injuries and accidents with Reiki
  • Use of Reiki pre & post surgery to reduce tension and pain, and support the healing process
  • Scan the person receiving treatment, 'Byosen,' and begin perceive areas of reduced vitality flow.
  • Appreciate how attitudes can create dis-ease in the mind and emotions, and how the physical body might be affected.
  • Energize food & liquids with Reiki
  • Use Reiki as part of your spiritual practice
Reiki I is scheduled for Sundays January 5 & January 19; 1-5 PM, in McMinnville, Oregon.
Contact me: ladyharp1@ gmail.com for more information!

Are YOU Ready for Reiki??

Saturday, November 30, 2013

For the Self First

When Takata was teaching Reiki, she encouraged her students to think of 'Reiki for the Self First!'
As we serve as a conduit for the healing & spiritual energy of Reiki, it flows into us before blessing the person or object we're 'Reiking.' With the gift of Reiki, we are assured that we will also benefit.

I've noticed this in many instances over the years - if I stubbed my toe on the way to offer a session, I'd often feel 'zings' in that toe while I worked, & often couldn't recall WHICH toe was hurt after the appointment. Magic!

About 10 years ago, I was taking a series of weekly Soaring Crane Qigong classes, shortly after I smashed my left index finger in my sliding glass door. OUCH! An injury that a Reiki & Massage Therapist dreads.

Hypericum perferatum
I'd been doing poultices, Self-Reiki, taking Homeopathic Hypericum, (which is especially helpful for healing when nerves are involved), using Hypericum tincture, and hoping that the finger & fingernail would heal well.

When I did Reiki, 'zing' I'd feel it in that finger (whether working on myself or offering a bodywork session.) When I began the Qigong classes, 'zing,' I'd feel it in that finger - a little lightening bolt of energy; especially when we learned a sequence that isolated the index & middle finger! Magic.

For the next several months, I'd feel those little 'bolts,' fading gradually to a mere tingle, whenever I practiced Soaring Crane or did Reiki.  Though the fingernail is a bit crooked, and the finger a bit longer now, it HAS healed beautifully! And occasionally, years later, I'll feel a tiny 'rumble' in the finger - 'Still healing???' ... I guess so!

At a party a year or two later, another friend mentioned how her finger (injured the year previous to mine!) still bothered her at times ... she doesn't 'do' Reiki, & was leary of energy healing. And I was again impressed at how well mine had healed, in a shorter time! Thank you, Reiki! Thank you, Qigong!

In addition to the personal blessing of the healing, when clients are injured, I can offer hope that their injuries will also heal, given time & chi! 

Reiki for the self first.

Thursday, November 28, 2013


On this day of Thanksgiving in the USA, I am Grateful.

In an article on using gratitude as a prayer, Norma Gentile writes: "Gratitude is a state of consciousness that includes opening ones’ heart.  You cannot feel gratitude towards something or someone without experiencing your own heart opening."28

The German Philosopher Meister Eckhart (1260 - 1328) wrote: "If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is Thank You, it will be enough."

“The greatest honor we can give Almighty God is to live gladly because of the knowledge of his love.” 
Julian of Norwich
(anchoress, she & Chaucer were the first to write in the 'common language' - Old English, rather than Latin)

&  “... so our customary practice of prayer was brought to mind: how through our ignorance and inexperience in the ways of love we spend so much time on petition. I saw that it is indeed more worthy of God and more truly pleasing to him that through his goodness we should pray with full confidence, and by his grace cling to him with real understanding and unshakeable love, than that we should go on making as many petitions as our souls are capable of.”
(Julian - Revelations of Divine Love)

Today & always, let us live gladly!

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Edward Bach - Healing Touch

Around the same time that Takata sought answers for her own health, and Hayashi had opened his Tokyo clinic & was teaching hands on & spiritual healing, Englishman, Edward Bach, had similar questions, a similar quest.
"Health is our heritage & right. It is the complete and full union between soul, mind & body.'  
(Edward Bach, Collected Writings, P 91)

Bach was born in Mosley, England Sept 24, 1886. He studied medicine, graduating in 1912, & commented 'It will take me 5 years to forget all I've been taught.'

He had already begun to notice that different emotional states, worry, anxiety, anger, could affect the patient's health. He dreamed of a different kind of hospital, where patients could learn about themselves, & doctors would look more at the person than the symptoms. As an MD, he worked both as a general practitioner, bacteriologist & pathologist, developing vaccines made using a patient's own intestinal bacteria.

Then called to the Harley Street Homeopathic hospital (London), Bach developed 7 Homeopathic 'nosodes' which are still in use. These were based on his observations of personality types, & how health was influenced by these.

In his collected writings, he commented: ''Like may strengthen like, like may repel like, but, in the true healing sense like cannot cure like. ... and so in true healing, and so in spiritual advancement, we must always seek good to drive out evil, love to conquer hate, and light to dispel darkness. Thus must we avoid all poisons, all harmful things, and use only the beneficent and beautiful.''

His work with Homeopathy inspired him, but he still sought a 'lighter touch,' something empowering clients & patients in self treatment. In 1930, Bach left his busy London practice, going to rural Wales, determined to discover & offer a new system of healing.

In Nora Week's lovely biography, 'The Medical Discoveries of Edward Bach, Physician,' she writes that he wished to rediscover hands-on healing (around the time Hayashi was operating his clinic across the seas in Japan.) Bach did, in fact, awaken this ability in himself:  'Dr. Bach had the gift of healing by laying on hands, but he understood that this gift was not universal. He felt that the remedies, and the simple methods of working with them, would place the same power of healing in the hands of all.
(Diane M Cooper,article in 'Spirit of Maat')

By 1932, Bach had developed his first 12 Flower Essences, advertizing these herbal remedies (flowers placed in a bowl of water in the sunshine, the resulting liquid bottled & preserved with brandy) in the local newspaper, which invoked the ire of the General Medical Council! He would devote spring & summers to finding & making the remedies, then in the winter, treat whomever sought his services. At no charge. He often employed hands on healing - even impromptu sessions, suggesting the patient come to his office when convenient ... & later finding that after the brief encounter, their symptoms had abated.

After receiving the reprimand from the Medical council, Bach moved to Mt Vernon in Oxfordshire, & developed 19 more remedies. He would identify an emotional state, then suffer that state until he found the plant that would help - then he still needed to make the remedy before his symptoms abated. Sometimes skin would be sloughing off his hands, or he would suffer terrible pain in his joints ... which flower will help? 

By 1936, at the age of 50, Bach died peacefully at home, November 27th. On the eve of this anniversary, I appreciate the work & life of Edward Bach, humanitarian & healer.   

Monday, November 25, 2013

Reiki, Lightweaving & the Violet Transmuting Flame

This past summer, my friend & fellow Reiki Master Sheila King offered a class on 'Lightweaving' to a group of Reiki Practitioners. Sheila was my small group leader at the Breitenbush Reiki Gathering in the early 90s, & I've appreciated her wise, warm presence and teachings ever since.

Sheila writes: "Light Weaving is a method of healing that works primarily with the energetic body. Light Weaving restores missing connections in the energetic body, and also restores connections between the energetic body and the physical body. When missing connections in the energetic body are restored, the related dysfunctional area in the physical body receives more complete information and energy and so can restructure itself properly. 

This restructuring not only happens in the physical body, it also happens in the related emotional and mental structures. And with this restoration, every pattern related to the dysfunction will heal. Usually with this treatment, people do not have to remember and work through old emotional traumas. With the restoration of the energetic connections they just heal."
It has been delightful integrating Lightweaving into my Reiki & Massage practice. Sheila dubs the flow of Reiki & Lightweaving 'Quantum Spiral Healing,' as the two in combination dramatically increase the potential for healing, while offering gentle release. Magic!
Some folks 'just drift,' as I often do when receiving energy work. Others receive information or observe issues clearing.  I found myself drawn to make several flower essence blends, including a 'garden bouquet' where a number of different flowers float in the water.
Lavender - St Germain Violet Flame Essence (July, 2013)
Lavender (several varieties from around the yard) Support to express Sacred wisdom, soothes the electrical field
Campanula - I AM supported in abundance, thrive, prosper & make a resounding SUCCESS of Life!
Thyme - The etheric principle of time, chiros time, not clock/calender time, shift perspective
Artichoke - flexibility & grace, open up & have fun! Takes the lid off the crown chakra, dissolves judgement
Comfrey - Pattern Repair. Illuminates the core of the etheric wounds, restores & assists healing on all levels (Mental, physical, emotional & spiritual)
Purple Pea - Harmonizer, allows full participation in community while remaining compassionate & loving one's self
Clematis - Reconnects to physical life, reweaves patterns, grounding with spiritual presence.
Invite the Violet Transmuting Flame to completly & permanently erase all negativity from Mental, Emotional, Physical & Spiritual bodies. 
"I AM the cosmic law of forgiveness & Violet Transmuting Flame of all mistakes I have ever made! May they be transformed & transmuted.
"I AM the cosmic law of forgiveness & Violet Transmuting Flame for all the mistakes of humankind on earth. May they be transformed & transmuted!"
Guardians of the Violet flame include: St Germain, Quan Yin, Archangel Zadakiel, Holy Beloved Amethyst, Angels of the Violet Flame, Diana & Oromabis.  Visualize the flame moving trough your energy field, cleansing & clearing every cell of your body while you invoke forgiveness

After using the Violet Flame personally, you may wish to visualize the VTF moving through all mankind & Earth 
Molly Sheehan, of Green Hope Farm essences also suggests including a sweep of the Violet Flame after doing a Land Clearing! I have done this several times now, & feel an appreciative 'ripple' whenever I do!   
Molly writes: "The energy process requested most often by the Angels & Elementals after a basic cleansing was the Violet Transmuting Flame. .... the process makes the land feel more harmonious & lighter in vibration." Picture a soothing flame, like a flame in a fireplace, but violet in colour. See it penetrating your very being and world. When you call forth the Violet Transmuting Flame, a flame comes from the hands, heart & head of your I AM presence / Christ Self - and as it touches the ground beneath your feet, it bursts into violet flame! You can also use the essences: Comfrey (Pattern repair) Violet & Lavender to help 'seal' the pattern."
May you be blessed on your journey! 

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Being Reiki

While writing about Reiki yesterday, I looked on u-tube to see if there was anything with our beloved USA Lineage keeper, Phyllis Furomoto, who is Takata's granddaughter. I've had the honor/blessing of meeting Phyllis during Reiki Gatherings at Breitenbush, & played the harp for a meditation she led.

I found a delightful interview done in 1912, with another Reiki Master of Japanese descent, Barbara Matsuura. As I listened to the 6 segments (1 hour total) I found that though she has travelled more than I, there are many places Matsuura's & my paths overlap!
She studied ballet, & then learned Tai Chi & Qigong. I began with ballet in 1978, & studied Tai Chi concurrent with my massage training, beginning in 1983. I began teaching both Reiki and Tai Chi in  the early 90s, & have been working more deeply with Qigong the last decade.
Matsuura travelled with her husband, in Japan, she learned Kabuki dance, & later in Germany flower arranging & Japanese classical dance. Following surgery on her thumb after a bicycle accident, she didn't regain full movement. Seeking other treatment, she was introduced to Reiki, & decided to learn. 
Her classes were held 'once a week, for a month, three hours each class.' She enjoyed the support of the teacher as she & other students integrated the Reiki energy over the month. 

Barbara has dedicated her life to healing, & continues to offer sessions, with offices in Japan, Sedona AZ & California.  In the interview, Phyllis & Barbara affirm that 'Every student has within them their own truth,' and each of us can learn from others.

Matsuura traveled to Usui's Mountain Kuramayama, & wondered why Reiki was found there ... she found the temple dedicated to three powers of Sonten Buddhism, Light of the sun, love of the moon, & power of the earth:

Oh Sonten
Beautiful as the Moon,
Warm as the Sun,
Powerful as the Earth.

Barbara Matsuura is a beautiful example of living Reiki & Qigong, & reminds us 'Just sit & Be. Be the Reiki - don't try, just Be it!' 

         (photo of Barbara Matsuura from her website)   

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Learning Reiki in the 1930s

When Takata had received Reiki for 6 months, she was ready to learn! But...
Though she was of Japanese descent, they considered her 'American,' & Dr Hayashi was reluctant to accept her as a student.

Again, she spoke with Dr Maeda, & pleaded her case. "If I don't have my health, I have nothing!" She was determined to learn! So Dr Maeda took traditional writing materials, a brush, Sumi ink, & wrote Hayashi a letter, stating her sincerity.


Frank Arjava Pettier & Tadeo Yamaguchi's book 'The Hayashi Reiki Manual'  includes information from the handbook Hayashi gave his students. The authors also recount Tadeo's mother, Chiyoko's memories of studying Reiki with Dr Hayashi. The full story of her experiences are told in chapter 2 of that book. Since she studied around the time Mrs Takata was learning Reiki, we can imagine the classes were very similar.

Chiyoko's Uncle, Mr Wasaburo Sugano, was the first of their family to study Reiki, beginning in 1928, in Osaka. With the expense of travel & lodging added to the tuition, he asked for the seminars to be brought to their area - Daishoji, district Ishikawa. Her elder sister Katsue had already begun Hayashi's seminars in 1935, while Takata was receiving treatment at the Main branch in Tokyo.

Chiyoko had recently graduated from High School, and was eager to learn. Other Branch members, including Chiyoko's older sister Katsue were present as well.

The students were asked to sit in the Seiza posture (formal Japanese sitting style, on one's knees) with their eyes closed, sitting up straight on Zabuton (cushions) - of which there were 3 rows with 5-6 cushions in each row. The room was dark, & each student put their palms together in Gassho - prayer position. The attunement ritual, Reiju, was performed, with those giving the attunements placed a hand on their head from behind, then placed their hands around the student's hands.

After Hayashi entered the room, the students chanted the principles in unison three times:
kyo dake wa (Just for today)

ikaru-na (do not get angry)

shinpaisuna (do not worry)
kansha shite (be thankful)
gyo hageme (work hard)
hito-ni-shinsetsu-ni (be kind to others)

The the room was darkend, & Reiju began, with Hayashi performing the attunemant ritual first, followed by others who held Shihan (teaching) status. Hayashi Sensi chanted poems written by the Meiji emperor during the attunement.
After the Reiju was complete, the particapants formed a Reiki Mawashi - sitting in a circle, with each person placing their hands on the person in front, allowing the Reiki to circulate.

At this point, the verbal teachings began. Like my Reiki master, Analyse, Dr Hayashi used the image of a muddy stream when explaining the natural clearing process - water may look clear, but there's mud under the surface. Flushing this, or removing the mud on the top, the stream will appear clear, but there will still be mud ... repeating the process, eventually the stream will clear. So it is with the body, with toxins.

In the afternoon, the students began to practice doing Reiki, using a rattan bed Reiki Tables, 40 cm high, which allowed the practitioner students to sit on the floor while offering treatments. They were taught to 'listen' for sensations in their hands, & sometimes in their own bodies, alerting them to areas needing attention. Hayashi Sensi encouraged his students to practice steadily to become more sensitive to Byosen, feeling these troubled areas.

Other teachings included lessons on making the hands more sensitive, lectures in anatomy and organ function, and giving treatments. The teachings lasted 5 days, & Chiyoko continued to attend monthly seminars, and the 'special ones' when Hayashi returned each Autumn & each spring.

Close to the time Mrs Takata finished her training, Chiyoko was granted Shihankaku in the spring of 1939, & Shihan (teaching level) that fall. Her son, Tadao and Frank Petter established Jikiden Reiki seminars to pass on the teachings & ideas from Usui Sensei & Hayashi Sensei.

My friend Margo Vance Borland was albe to take one of Petter's West Coast seminars, & shared gleanings from that workshop with several oher Reiki Masters, myself included, about 10 years ago.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Reiki Walk Through

In her blog 'for Dragonflies & Me,' Jean shares a tip that's helped her keep her home both 'cozy and welcoming,' but also a place children can be children - a several times a day 'Walk Through.' 

Jean writes: "The walk through is a very basic concept that I believe most of us do everyday, but never really had a name for.  It’s easy to apply to our daily schedules and routines and it’s one that children can completely understand. The walk through is simply going through a room and picking up everything that is out-of-place AND putting it away where it belongs.  Simply eh?"

This morning I invited my 2 1/2 & almost 3 year old Granddarlings to help me do a 'Walk Through' on the Living room, before Mama & Daddy came home for lunch ... we put away Duplos ("Pick up time! Pick up time!") then went back to the entrance & looked for anything out of place 'oh, oh! Where do these shoes go? ... ooo, lets put these blocks back in the (ride on) train ... how about these books ... ' the 3 year old stayed on task with me, while the 2 1/2 year old got distracted (but at least wasn't pulling more stuff out!!) and we had finished in about 5 minutes .... then we read a couple of stories, before I went back to preparing lunch.

While this is a great PHYSICAL practice, while we're at it, we can bless the room with Reiki! If you've been attuned to the symbols, so much the better; but ANYONE can use the power of intention as they're moving through their home. Mrs Takata tells of daily blessing the walls of her new Reiki Clinic & home when she returned to Hawaii, after her time in Japan.
  • use the Mental/Emotional self-treatment to help inspire / make you more aware of what needs addressed, & to help you decide what to keep, what to move on.
  • Bless the room with the symbols, or just smoothing the walls with your 'Reiki Hands' (or simply say a prayer of blessing).
  • Imagine each step you take throughout your home blessing the floor, each touch blessing the items, the walls, the surfaces.
  • As you sweep or vacuum, imagine any disharmony, discouragement, sadness etc being removed from the room.
  • Do a final 'Walk Through' after you've done the physical straightening/ clearing, & bless the whole space.
Just for today, bless your home & office as you 'Walk Through,' clear & cleanse.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Daily Practice: Spa Water

When Takata went to Japan & entered the hospital, it was the Dietician who began introducing her to Reiki, through the blessed food & water that she was served. As she gained stength for the proposed surgery, they told her to Consider the Hospital as "a Fancy Resort Hotel or spa."

Over the last 30 years, I've taken & offered many classes on healing. A common thread is the recommendation to drink more clear fluids, which accelerate the electrical process & aide healing. A healing crisis or catharsis may ocur after a healing session or initiation, like a battery, we need the fluid to hold the 'charge.'

Reiki, Etheric, & Lightwork teachers all suggest BLESSING the fluids we drink and food we eat. An African teacher suggests beaming 'rainbows into your water.' Here is a fun post on making your own 'spa water' by marinating fruits, flowers & herbs in your water!

My dear harper & healer friend Jewel often gathers FLOWERS (edible & OG) & herbs, & keeps a supply of pretty glass pitchers on hand for gatherings. The first I attended, she sent me out to the garden with a basket to gather herbs & flowers, which we rinsed, placed in the pitchers, then added lemon slices & filtered water!
Beautiful. And tasty! A few drops of Flower Essences are another way to enhance your Spa Water.

So if you struggle to drink enough water - try some 'spa water' with flowers & herbs from your own (unsprayed) yard! Remember to stick to plants you KNOW - here's a nice chart of edible flowers, with some tips on use & cautions.

And beam Rainbows into each glass - Viola! Spa Water!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Diminuative Dynamo

As a child, I always LOVED it when my mama told stories of 'the Olden Days,' when she was growing up. Many of the stories of Reiki that have come down to us were told by the the Dynamic woman who brought Reiki to the West in 1938, Hawayo Takata. I've always loved the stories she told of her own experiences.

Born Christmas Day, 1900 in Hanamaula, Kaui, Hawaii; Hawayo Kawamura's mother had big dreams for her tiny daughter, so named her after the Big Island of Hawaii. As a young girl, Hawayo quickly moved from field work to working in a Store, & March 10, 1917, she married Saichi Takata. They had two daughter, and remained in Hawaii, while the Kawamuras returned to Japan.

By 1930, she had been widowed, & in 1935, her sister died. Her own health had deteriorated, both from continuing to work hard, & from grief. She decided to take the news of her sister's death to her parents directly, & visited them in Japan to do so.

After the services were finished, Hawayo checked into the local hospital, with 'stomach pains,' & was diagnosed with a uterine tumor, gall stones,                    appendicitis; and had suffered with asthma since childhood. Because of the asthma, she was told to 'think of the hospital as a fancy resort hotel, & rest up!' before surgery was attempted. And so she did.

Now the head surgeon's sister was the hospital dietician, & several years before Mrs. Takata's admission to the hospital, the Dietician had passed out, & been in a coma. Their family was related to the Hayashis, so when Dr Hayashi heard of her illness, he'd treated her with Reiki, & she'd made a full recovery.

So daily, the surgeon's sister, the dietician, would prepare nourishing food for Mrs Takata, & bless it with Reiki.
Daily, she wondered if she should try to tell Mrs Takata about Reiki ... but she was a foreigner ... what would she think?

Finally, they felt Hawayo Takata was strong enough for the surgery, & began preparations. Now, imagine this scene in a hospital today, 2013 ... the patient has been prepped, the surgeon is scrubbing, ...

when the patient begins to hear a small voice, (her departed husband? The dietician?) in her head saying 'Surgery not necessary' ... (well, if I hear it 3 times) 'Surgery not necessary ... Surgery NOT NECESSARY!' ...

(what should I do??)

'Ask .... Ask .... Ask!'

(WHO should I ask?)

'The surgeon! The surgeon! THE SURGEON!'




Can you IMAGINE? 1935. Japan. A woman ... got of the operating table!
What a fuss! The nurses were in an uproar! What had she done? Did she need a chamber pot?? Why hadn't she simply TOLD them! All their hard work ...Was she frightened? ... 'No .... um, could I speak to the doctor?'

The surgeon came in - again the question - was she frightened? No ... (how to expain? Without sounding crazy?!!)
'Since I'm in Japan ... I just wondered ... if there was any OTHER treatment that might be possible, might be preferable ... ??'

"I'll get my sister, she's the dietician here ..."

So the problem was explained, & the Dietician offered to take Hawayo Takata to Dr Hayashi's Reiki clinic.
She explained about her own coma, & how Reiki had helped.
She explained that it could take months, but it was a powerful healing technique ... did she want to try that?

YES, Why, YES, she DID!

So the dietician took Mrs Takata to the Clinic. She lay on one of the futons, with a healer at her head, & one at her feet. And they would mention - over her eyes (linked to liver/gall bladder) 'a lot of draw here ...'
Over her liver/gall bladder 'a lot of energy here ...'
Over her appendix, Over her belly ... how did they KNOW? They hadn't brought her charts along ... And their hands! They had such HOT hands!!

The next day when the dietician brought her for the second treatment at Hayashi's clinic, Mrs Takata was ready! After the treatment began, she slapped the practitioner's sleeves (long traditional kimono sleeves) to see if they were attached to battery wires! And WORSE - she began asking questions!
A woman. 
In Japan. 
In 1935!! 
Mr Hayashi came out of his office, to see what the fuss was about - & laughed along with the practitioners at the silly Western Woman!

On the way back to the hospital ('continue thinking of it as a Fancy Resort Hotel!') the dietician suggested she would come to Mrs Takata's room each evening, & give her another Reiki session. Then, if Mrs Takata had questions, she could ask HER! 'They just don't understand why you ask so many questions!' 

After receiving Reiki daily for 4 months, Mrs Takata had recovered her health, & was ready for the next step ....

learning how to do this wonderful Reiki! 
(photo - Fran Brown: Takata in 1974)

Monday, November 18, 2013

Chujiro Hayashi

Chujiro Hayashi was born in 1879 or '80 in Tokyo. Like Usui, he was married, with two children. He served in the Japanese Navy, & in 1918, became commander of the defence station of Port Owinato. Hayashi trained in Western and Chinese medicine, and his traditional Japanese spiritual practices included Soto Zen & Shinto. His student Mrs Yamaguchi relayed he was also Christian (Methodist).
This would not be uncommon in Japan, even now.

Hayashi retired from the Navy, & in 1925, became a student of Mikeo Usui, 10 months before Usui's death. Several other Naval officers joined the school not long afterward, & continued his healing/spiritual work under the title 'Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai. 
In 1931, Hayashi began developing his own clinic & school for healing, which became known as Hayashi Reiki Kenkyu Kai - Hayashi Spiritual Energy Research Society. His clinic had a treatment room where eight clients could be treated, with two practitioners at each futon. His wife Chei, also trained in Reiki, served as hostess and receptionist for the clinic.

Students volunteered in the clinic, generally doing treatment for 8 hours a week. After three months, they could proceed to learn the second level, Okuden; after 9 months, they could help run the clinic. After two years, they could attain the teaching level, Shinpiden, & learn to teach and pass attunments. Hayashi changed the format for teaching and attunments, and included mantras & symbols in the initiation process, (Usui did not) His teachings have strongly influenced our Western Practice of Reiki.

Hayashi wrote a guide Ryoho Shishin, & may have written the guide used by Usui & the healing society, since he was a doctor & familiar with anatomy & disease. He also offered a series of hand positions, treating organs & acupuncture meridians.

By 1938, Chujiro Hayashi wrote that he had trained 13 Reiki Masters. By this time, other of Usui's Shinpiden had also begun Reiki schools, & there were about 40 dojo spread throughout Japan.

In 1940, both Chei Hayashi & Takata report that Chujiro took his own life, having dedicated his life to healing, he was reluctant to be called back to Military service. Chei continued to run the clinic in Japan, becoming the second president of Hayashi Reiki Kenkyu Kai.

And Takata brought Reiki to the West ....

Mountaintop Experience

When Takata brought Reiki to Japan in the mid-late 1930s, she told many stories about the beginnings of Reiki as we know it. Over the years, others have visited Japan & brought forward more information.

 Our modern practice of Reiki has been handed down from Mikeo Usui, who was born Aug 15, 1865, into a Samurai family in Teniai (now called Miyama cho) in the Gifu Prefecture in Japan. Little is known of his early life, but as a child of the privileged class, he likely began his studies with the Chinese & Japanese classics, learned martial arts, music, read & wrote poetry.

Born into a Buddhist family, Mikeo Usui became a lay Tendai priest, who married (Saduko Suzuki) and had two children. It seems he introduced his teachings, Usui do, as a means toward enlightenment, with the healing that took place for students 'a wonderful side effect.' His inclusion of attunement or reiju, which facilitated spiritual alignment. 'It seems that all students of Mikao Usui recieverd reiju & the five precepts. ... There does not seem to be a disinction between clients & students' (Reiki Sourcebook, p 58/59) He also gave students mantras and meditations. Usui began teaching in about 1915, his wife's cousin Suzuki san was one of the early students.

'Now and again, it is necessary to seclude yourself among deep mountains and hidden valleys to restore your link to the source of life. Breathe in and let yourself soar to the ends of the universe; breathe out and bring the cosmos back inside. Next, breathe up all the fecundity and vibrancy of the earth. Finally, blend the breath of heaven and the breath of earth with that of your own, becoming the Breath of Life itself.' (Morihei Ueshiba, 'the Art of Peace' by John Stevens)

In 1922, according to the Memorial stone errected in 1927, Usui 'Climbed kurama yama (12 kilometers N of the Koyoto Imperial Palace) and after 21 days of severe discipline without eating, he suddenly felt One Great Reiki over his head and attained enlightenment and he obtained Reiki Ryoho.'  The Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai society was set up one month after his experience on kurama yama. 

The teachings became more formalized, symbols (Yantras) were added to the mantras, & hand positions taught to students who found it harder to work intuitively. 

The next year, Sept 1, 1923, the Kanto earthquake, measuring 8.3, occured near Tokyo & Yokohama. Many who survived were involved in relief work, including Usui and his students, who 'offered Reiki to thousands of students.' In response to this need, in 1924, Usui moved his home & dojo to Nakano ku, outside Tokyo. This may have inspired Takata's parable about Usui's work among the 'beggers.'
'He was often invited to travel throughout Japan treating people & teaching students. Mikao Usui had over 2000 students in total, about 60-70 okuden (2nd Degree) students & 21 teacher students who reached shinpiden. (information from the memorial stone & from Hyakuten Inamoto of the Reiki society - p 64 in Reiki Sourcebook) Reiki Council UK offers an account of the history, with teacher student/Master lists for Usui, Hayashi & Takata.
Many of the students who studied with Usui were nuns & monks, and in 2005, 12 were still alive (some over 100 years old) The Reiki Sourcebook includes a lineage chart, with 13 of the senior students. In the year before his death, several Naval officers also studied with Usui.

In Japan at the turn of the century, hands-on healing was very popular, & other teachers also came forward at that time. Martial arts, honor, spiritual practices were often linked. Usui is said to have exchanged information with the founder of Akido, Morihei Ueshiba and Onisaburo Deguchi, founder of the Omoto religion. (Source Book & Reiki Council)

Usui died of a stroke on March 9, 1926 in Fukuyama, & the memorial stone was erected the following year, at the Pure Land Buddhist Saihoji Temple in Tokyo.

"These are truly great teachings for the cultivation and discipline that agree with those great teachings of the ancient sages & the wise. Sensei named these teachings 'Secret Method to Invite Happiness and miraculous Medicine to Cure All Diseases." (memorial stone)

May all beings be well. May all beings be Happy. May all beings know peace.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Power and Fear

Early in my path of teaching Reiki, I offered a class for several fellow employees at our Retreat & Conference Centre. One student was also a massage therapist, the other worked in the kitchen. We had the Forest Shelter to ourselves, & were just beginning, when a third gal joined us. She worked with the office, & had noticed the flyer on the back door that morning, & said 'my guides made it clear that I need to be in this class - but I had other plans for today!'

We talked a few minutes, she was VERY reluctant to stay, but generally followed her intuition... so I suggested she could remain for the general information (history, Reiki healing stories) portion, but when it was time for the initiation, she would need to decide whether she was leaving or staying.

When the time for the practical teachings & initiation arrived, she agreed to stay, & we proceeded to initiation. The building is topped with a large skylight, & rain was falling.

As the students regrouped after an initiation, A told us "NOW I know why I was so reluctant!" & said that as she sat in the chair, she recalled a lifetime long ago in Tibet, where we had 'brought the (Reiki) energy in, in caves on a mountain. Later, we went down the mountain, to the village below, & tried to share the teaching - but the villagers weren't ready & she was stoned! 'We made the mistake of lowering our vibration to match theirs, rather than RAISING theirs to meet ours/the teachings! & were stoned!'

She told us that someone had told 'Read' that lifetime, but she hadn't had memories till then; and during the initiation, with the rain striking the roof, she'd 'felt' the stones hitting the side of her body! The lesson had been that we needed to keep our Vibration high, & not try to convince others of the value, but lead by example.

During MANY classes since that one, a student has commented 'we'd better keep this to ourselves, people have gotten BURNED for healing!' ... & I tell A's story, with the reminder that it's important to to stay in our power, rather than moving into fear. To keep our own vibration high, as we share Reiki healing and teachings!

Thursday, November 14, 2013

CMT Club

Do you belong to the 'Can't Miss a Thing!!' Club?

I used to. I'd often get sad or mad if I missed an event - especially if I found out AFTER the fact!
  • The friend who invited me to their 'party,' that was, in fact, their wedding reception (private wedding) Quite a few of their special friends missed the event, as they'd kept it TOO secret! ... 
  • The time Amy Tan came to our local college to speak - I knew she was coming, but not when ... my gentleman friend called to let me know, & our receptionist didn't think whatever he had to say was important enough to leave me a message ... 
  • The days there are 4 or 5 choices, & I only have time/energy for 2 or 3 of them ....
Over the years, I've found it's better - for me - to prioritize, & only do what feels important, feeds my energy, delights me! Family time generally comes first; I love dance opportunities, but at the end of the week, may prefer to simply tuck in at home with a book.

When I miss something, I often find someone tells me about it, & I enjoy the event vicariously!

What feeds you? Do you find you can let go of doing 'everything?'
Just for today, find delight in all you do & are.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Violet Transmuting Flame

I utilized the Land Tune Up for several years, then noticed that Molly Sheehan suggests using the Violet Transmuting Flame as a 'cap' for the process! I already included the Violet Flame at portals (sidewalk, driveway), so it was sweet to add it to the process itself.

As you call for the Violet Transmuting Flame, a ray comes from the hands, heart
& head of your 'I AM' presence, and as it touches the earth beneath your feet, it bursts into flame. Picture it like the flame in a fireplace, only violet/purple in colour, joyous, comforting, relaxing, gentle & healing.

Imagine the Violet flame rising beneath your feet, gently filling you, moving through every cell of your body. Draw the flame into your heart, & let it flow throughout your body, mind, energy system. Imagine it flowing through your physical, mental, emotional & spiritual bodies. As it clears all stale energy, incomplete reactions & stresses, feel love & forgiveness pouring from your heart, to all creation. Here's a Violet Flame guided meditation.

You can add a phrase such as "I AM the cosmic law of forgiveness, & the Violet Transmuting Flame of all the mistakes I have ever made. I AM the cosmic law of forgiveness, & the Violet Transmuting Flame of all the mistakes of Mankind." (repeat 3 times - & seal with Reiki)

In her article 'Violet Transmuting Flame,' Molly Sheehan writes "When I started to do energy processes on my land, the energy process most requested by the Angels & elementals, after a basic cleansing, was the Violet Transmuting Flame. I noticed right away the process made the land feel more harmonious & lighter in its vibration.... If we go out & walk around the land in a bad mood or full of worries, the land absorbs this negativity until we consciously transmute it. You can imagine how much negative energy is being held by most pieces of land. Violent weather is Nature's way to release and transmute this human negativity. The Violet Flame can do it much more gently. 

... We must now free the land of the negativity it has held for us, & take over the transmutation of our own negativity. The Violet Transmuting Flame is an excellent tool for this transmutation process. It can clean the physical dimension of land including the atmosphere over land of all mental & emotional negativity. .... The Violet Transmuting Flame will clear the etheric body of land so only constructive memories remain recorded. Is it any wonder nature kept asking me to use this amazing tool? If you work with this tool, you will feel the energy improve on your land and so will your friends, the Angels & elementals."

To include the Violet Transmuting Flame in your Land Tune-Up, simply finish as usual, with the invocation to CLEANSE, CLEAR, RE-BALANCE & ILLUMINATE the land you are tuning, imagine the Violet Transmuting Flame coming into you (as above), touching the earth beneath your feet, rippling out to cover the piece of land you are blessing. Invite the VTF to 'Blaze, Blaze, Blaze,' & transmute any stale, negative, unnecessary emotions and energy being held in the land & atmosphere.

I imagine a briar rose hedge surrounding my property, with 'portals' or doorways at the entrances: driveway, sidewalk, that are Violet to transmute my energy as I leave & enter, & the energy of any guests. I painted my front door purple a couple of years ago, & I LOVE it!

Flower essences from any purple flower, including Comfrey, purple clematis, Violet, penstemon, foxglove, etc. can be used in harmony with this clearing, to assist in the transmutation!

Reiki Box

 I've 'sent' Reiki to people & situations over the years, individually, in Reiki Circles, on prayer chains, etc.

Last summer, I noticed a lovely blog post  on making a 'Reiki Box' for sending Reiki. (the domain name had expired this fall)
The author noted that he decorated a small box (his is 3" x 2.5" x 2.5") of natural materials, & puts slips of paper with requests for distant healing, his own blessings for past & future, & 'anything else that needs Reiki energy.' He charges the slips with Reiki (sometimes drawing the symbols) before placing them in the box.

He decorated his with angels, butterflies & flowers, & writes 'proceed with the Reiki techniques you have been trained to do. Turn Reiki on, draw the symbols, then focus energy on the Reiki Box. Follow your instinct for how long to 'send' Reiki.'

I put this blue crystal heart on top of the requests in my Reiki box.  In December, I plan to do a Zen funeral with the papers in the box, & begin anew.

Do you have a favorite way to send Reiki/ prayer healing?

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Land Tune-Up

In addition to our work on each other, we can use Reiki to clear & bless land, as suggested in my last post. Here's a process you can adapt for use at home - Reiki enhances the clearing, but this can be done by ANYONE!

Several years ago, my friend Molly Sheehan of Green Hope Farm Essences shared this wonderful land clearing practice, given by the guides of her land. She gardens co-creatively, & has a very sweet 'anyone can do this' attitude. Molly graciously gave me permission to share this, saying that the more people doing this or similar processes the better!

Machaelle Wright of Perelandra teaches similar processes in her Garden Workbooks, & offers her own powerful essences.I work with both of their processes & essences, as well as my own.

Molly comments that the guides & devas delight in being asked to help us, "A group of spiritual entities connected with Nature do the actual energy cleansing but this group cannot do this work unless a human asks them to do it. It is one of our vital roles in the co-creation & maintenance of earth. If a human doesn't ask for energy cleansing for a piece of land & this land is holding a lot of negativity, spirit's only options for removing this negativity are extreme weather."

* I have a slip of paper on the fridge with a quick summary of the process - & often just step outside & ask that the Angels, Masters, Elemntals & Devas 'CLEANSE, CLEAR, RE-BALANCE & ILLUMINATE' my land!

** Imagine the boundaries of the land you wish to clear (you may want to have a map of your property, if it's larger, & may be guided to clear it in sections. If you're in an apt., clear your own space, imagining the grounding cord of the apt going into the earth below you, & clear the land surrounding the apt. Pay attention to guidance on what suites your circumstances.
                                 The Community Garden at Breitenbush

Energy Cleansing Process

Find a quiet & comfortable place to center yourself. In the beginning, you'll want to be in the garden you're clearing.

Ask for assistance from:
The Overlighting Deva of the piece of land you want to clean. This being from the Angelic realm holds the divine plan for this piece of land. (Deva is a Sanskrit word meaning 'being of Light')

Angels Overlighting the land. They work with the Deva

The Elementals of the land. These are the beings who bring land into form & then hold it there so we can live in a physical world. Gnomes for the Earth element, Undine with water, Sylphs work with air, & Salamanders with fire.

Pan, Head Elemental of Earth (Machaelle Wright calls Pan the CEO of Nature)

Any Ascended Master of God realized being who is connected with this piece of land. There may or may not be any connected, depending on the piece of land. (You can always invite the presence of the Ascended Master Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, St Germain, & other Masters with whom you you feel connected.)

Deva of the Earth's atmosphere, Lunaria
Deva of the Earth's surface, Sapphalo
Deva of the sun in the center of the Earth, Darndella

Our Sun, Helios & Vesta.

After you call in this group, ask them to CLEANSE, CLEAR, RE-BALANCE & ILLUMINATE the land you are clearing.

You can visualize all the negativity being removed from the land both below & above the ground. You can visualize yourself or an angel holding a sword (Michael/Michaella) cutting all the negativity free, perhaps spinning in a circle holding the sword out; or you can imagine a big gyroscope whirling & cleansing. The image only needs to work for you. If visualization isn't possible, it's OK. The land will still be cleansed because you have asked to have it done. Close the session with a thanks to everyone involved.