Saturday, November 9, 2013

Breath of Reiki

There are many ways to utilize Reiki for personal healing & clearing. One of the simplest is to use your breath plus visualization. Can you do this even if you haven't been initiated into Reiki? YES! Intention & visualization are powerful tools. Just imagine yourself filling with love, peace, calm, health.

Take a moment to get comfortable - if you wish, set the scene! Light a candle, ring a bell, sit on a cushion or lie down.

Imagine yourself in a beautiful spot in nature, a high mountain stream, by the ocean, someplace the air is pure & clear. Imagine that you are breathing in this pure clear air. Breathe in through your nose, exhale can be either through nose or mouth. You may find yourself sighing at times - that's a wonderful release!

Slowly inhale into the crown of your head, & feel the breath filling your head. Gently exhale, releasing worry, anxious thoughts, tension. Wait till your body 'nudges' you to inhale again.

Slowly inhale, feeling the breath filling your head & down into your chest, into your heart. Pause ... & exhale, releasing tension, pain, heartache.

Slowly inhale letting the breath fill deep into your belly, expanding, filling, blessing with healing.  Pause ... and exhale, releasing ...

Relax, letting all worries, tension, pain, anxiety, doubt float away.

You may wish to place your Reiki hands on your heart & belly, as you invite this clear, beautiful breath to fill you, bringing balance.  

With the next several breaths, allow your whole body to fill with this fresh, new, blessed energy, gently observing obstructions, places that offer resistance, filling them with energy, & allowing the old to drift away.

Now, breath into your heart, and feel energy flowing to the palms of your hands & soles of your feet. Feel that Reiki light pouring through your entire body.

Take another deep breath into your heart, & with your exhale, 'beam' the love/calm/peace you're feeling out to the room around you. With the next heart breaths, beam to your city, your friends & family, to the world.

Bask in the breath for as long as you wish - it's QUITE OK if you drift off for a bit!

When you feel ready, slowly open your eyes & take in the room around you. Bring your awareness to your feet, wiggle your toes. You may wish to pat down your arms & legs, as you come back into awareness of your body.

Enjoy the beauty of your day!


  1. Ahh, wonderful...

    This is a beautiful breathing and visualization exercise...just makes you feel blessed and pure on all levels...

    Thank you.

    1. Doesn't it?
      It's so simple, yet refreshing!

  2. I love using Reiki while meditating. It's really peaceful and beautiful. When I first learned Reiki I would use it every day, but I have to admit to falling out of the habit. Thanks for the reminder, I shall go back to the habit again now. Lovely visualisation you have shared here, thank you.

  3. I 'come and go' with consciously doing Reiki, too, Andrea!
    I'm inspired to do this in a labyrinth after reading your post!

  4. Breathing exercises are great for helping to bring us back to center!

    1. They certainly are, Sarah!
      Thanks for visiting!

  5. I do breathing exercises every day. They energize me more than exercise.

    1. What a great affirmation & reminder, Rochelle! They are both energizing AND calming! What a great combo.