Saturday, November 30, 2013

For the Self First

When Takata was teaching Reiki, she encouraged her students to think of 'Reiki for the Self First!'
As we serve as a conduit for the healing & spiritual energy of Reiki, it flows into us before blessing the person or object we're 'Reiking.' With the gift of Reiki, we are assured that we will also benefit.

I've noticed this in many instances over the years - if I stubbed my toe on the way to offer a session, I'd often feel 'zings' in that toe while I worked, & often couldn't recall WHICH toe was hurt after the appointment. Magic!

About 10 years ago, I was taking a series of weekly Soaring Crane Qigong classes, shortly after I smashed my left index finger in my sliding glass door. OUCH! An injury that a Reiki & Massage Therapist dreads.

Hypericum perferatum
I'd been doing poultices, Self-Reiki, taking Homeopathic Hypericum, (which is especially helpful for healing when nerves are involved), using Hypericum tincture, and hoping that the finger & fingernail would heal well.

When I did Reiki, 'zing' I'd feel it in that finger (whether working on myself or offering a bodywork session.) When I began the Qigong classes, 'zing,' I'd feel it in that finger - a little lightening bolt of energy; especially when we learned a sequence that isolated the index & middle finger! Magic.

For the next several months, I'd feel those little 'bolts,' fading gradually to a mere tingle, whenever I practiced Soaring Crane or did Reiki.  Though the fingernail is a bit crooked, and the finger a bit longer now, it HAS healed beautifully! And occasionally, years later, I'll feel a tiny 'rumble' in the finger - 'Still healing???' ... I guess so!

At a party a year or two later, another friend mentioned how her finger (injured the year previous to mine!) still bothered her at times ... she doesn't 'do' Reiki, & was leary of energy healing. And I was again impressed at how well mine had healed, in a shorter time! Thank you, Reiki! Thank you, Qigong!

In addition to the personal blessing of the healing, when clients are injured, I can offer hope that their injuries will also heal, given time & chi! 

Reiki for the self first.


  1. I once had a foot issue and while having Reiki performed over my back, could feel it in my foot. It was the first time I had ever had Reiki and it just solidified how powerful it can be.

    1. Thanks for sharing that, Karin! Isn't it intriguing that Reiki 'flows' right where it's needed?
      One analogy that I like is that the area in pain 'draws' the energy, just as a battery that's recharging does. The Reiki practitioner serves as the jumper cables or power cord, a conduit for the energy!

  2. If you're Ready for Reiki, or to take your practice to the next level, you're invited to contact me!