Friday, November 1, 2013

With Appreciation, Do work

This Principle is often translated 'Do your Living Honestly' - I really like the original - with APPRECIATION, do work!

Right livelyhood ... daily focus on being/doing/ exampling the best that you can possibly be in whatever you are doing!

In a talk on finding yourself in a negative situation at work, Abraham suggests: "In fact, do your best to be unaware of the disharmony, because in actually being unaware of the disharmony, there will be no active Vibration of it present within you, and the Law of Attraction will then leave you out of any discordant rondevous.
"It may sound odd, but the fastest way to get to a new-and-improved situation is to make peace with your current situation. By making lists of the most positive aspects you can find about your current situation, you then release your resistance to the improvements that are waiting for you."

In her stories about Reiki, Takata shared that as she began teaching Reiki (in the late 30s), she wanted to initiate friends & family at no charge, but was discouraged from doing so by her teacher, Hayashi. She decided to go ahead with several initiations, but quickly found that her students (neighbors) didn't trust their own abilities, and wanted HER to do the healings!

How do you relate to this principle? Do you love what you do, in work & in life? Do you bring a sense of appreciation wherever you go? Do you thank those who serve you, & share smiles gladly?

With appreciation ...


  1. I love and appreciate what I do every day. I also smile at everyone I meet, even people who are driving in the opposite direction when we're in the car. Where we live it's really narrow country lanes, mostly only wide enough for one car at a time, so when we meet another car there's a lot of jostling to make space and the cars are really close together...which means I get to look the other drivers right in the eye close up. So I beam away at them. Sometimes they look really startled, perhaps it could be the quality of my grin, but mostly they smile back. I like to think I'm spreading a small bit of joy in the world :D thank you for such an uplifting post.

    1. What a beautiful practice, Andrea! I do the same walking, and as you mention, on narrow passages!
      You're welcome- I'm glad you enjoyed it!!

  2. I also love and appreciate all that I am and everything around me. It has helped me out in ways that I can't even begin to say. Good has been the perfect way to be. I try to have a positive attitude because negativity brings you down.
    Thanks so much for sharing this and have a great day!

    1. What a beautiful affirmation - good IS the perfect way to ne!
      My mother, as she was fading, said"I've discovered my Mission in Life!... To be KIND to people!" And she was!!
      You're so welcome!