Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Land Tune-Up

In addition to our work on each other, we can use Reiki to clear & bless land, as suggested in my last post. Here's a process you can adapt for use at home - Reiki enhances the clearing, but this can be done by ANYONE!

Several years ago, my friend Molly Sheehan of Green Hope Farm Essences shared this wonderful land clearing practice, given by the guides of her land. She gardens co-creatively, & has a very sweet 'anyone can do this' attitude. Molly graciously gave me permission to share this, saying that the more people doing this or similar processes the better!

Machaelle Wright of Perelandra teaches similar processes in her Garden Workbooks, & offers her own powerful essences.I work with both of their processes & essences, as well as my own.

Molly comments that the guides & devas delight in being asked to help us, "A group of spiritual entities connected with Nature do the actual energy cleansing but this group cannot do this work unless a human asks them to do it. It is one of our vital roles in the co-creation & maintenance of earth. If a human doesn't ask for energy cleansing for a piece of land & this land is holding a lot of negativity, spirit's only options for removing this negativity are extreme weather."

* I have a slip of paper on the fridge with a quick summary of the process - & often just step outside & ask that the Angels, Masters, Elemntals & Devas 'CLEANSE, CLEAR, RE-BALANCE & ILLUMINATE' my land!

** Imagine the boundaries of the land you wish to clear (you may want to have a map of your property, if it's larger, & may be guided to clear it in sections. If you're in an apt., clear your own space, imagining the grounding cord of the apt going into the earth below you, & clear the land surrounding the apt. Pay attention to guidance on what suites your circumstances.
                                 The Community Garden at Breitenbush

Energy Cleansing Process

Find a quiet & comfortable place to center yourself. In the beginning, you'll want to be in the garden you're clearing.

Ask for assistance from:
The Overlighting Deva of the piece of land you want to clean. This being from the Angelic realm holds the divine plan for this piece of land. (Deva is a Sanskrit word meaning 'being of Light')

Angels Overlighting the land. They work with the Deva

The Elementals of the land. These are the beings who bring land into form & then hold it there so we can live in a physical world. Gnomes for the Earth element, Undine with water, Sylphs work with air, & Salamanders with fire.

Pan, Head Elemental of Earth (Machaelle Wright calls Pan the CEO of Nature)

Any Ascended Master of God realized being who is connected with this piece of land. There may or may not be any connected, depending on the piece of land. (You can always invite the presence of the Ascended Master Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, Quan Yin, St Germain, & other Masters with whom you you feel connected.)

Deva of the Earth's atmosphere, Lunaria
Deva of the Earth's surface, Sapphalo
Deva of the sun in the center of the Earth, Darndella

Our Sun, Helios & Vesta.

After you call in this group, ask them to CLEANSE, CLEAR, RE-BALANCE & ILLUMINATE the land you are clearing.

You can visualize all the negativity being removed from the land both below & above the ground. You can visualize yourself or an angel holding a sword (Michael/Michaella) cutting all the negativity free, perhaps spinning in a circle holding the sword out; or you can imagine a big gyroscope whirling & cleansing. The image only needs to work for you. If visualization isn't possible, it's OK. The land will still be cleansed because you have asked to have it done. Close the session with a thanks to everyone involved.


  1. I really, really enjoy this and will love putting it to use. Ironically (or grand sychronicity!) I was visiting another space for urban nature in my town. For some reason, the town tends to put these spaces of land onto the landscape and then forgets about them... so they become so blighted no one wants to come back. I completely respect the folks who actually make their homes in these spaces and would love to see some cooperative and collaborative love of the land. I think I will do this nature reiki in many of my favorite places, including the land that allows myself to reside here!

    1. Julie - that is WONDERFUL!!
      I was so delighted when I first encountered Molly's tune-up process, & when I wrote (several years ago) & asked if I could share it, she said she feels the more of us doing this, the better!!
      Do keep me posted!

  2. Love it! This is such a lovely ritual to do, and the energy afterwards is amazing. Thanks for sharing it for us all to try. I am moving house soon, so will do this cleansing exercise when I'm in my new home.

    1. Thank you, Andrea! Isn't it wonderful to feel the shift in energy after doing this process?!
      It will be so precious doing in your new space (& before you leave the old space, 'freshening it up' for the energy of the folks who follow you!

  3. When she reposted this process in her blog (9/10/12), Molly wrote:
    "If you want, after the cleansing, you can ask that the land that has been cleansed be filled with divine love and light, specifically that it hold this new higher vibration coming into Earth to serve our spiritual evolution right now. This fills the land that has been cleared of negativity with positive energies so that negative energies don't just rush back in to fill the void created by the clearing."

    In a later post, Molly noted: "The energy process requested most often by the Angels & Elementals after a basic cleansing was the Violet Transmuting Flame. .... the process makes the land feel more harmonious & lighter in vibration."

    Picture a soothing flame, like a flame in a fireplace, but violet in colour. See it penetrating your very being and world. When you call forth the Violet Transmuting Flame, a flame comes from the hands, heart & head of your I AM presence / Christ Self - and as it touches the ground beneath your feet, it bursts into violet flame! You can also use the essences: Comfrey (Pattern repair) Violet & Lavender to help 'seal' the pattern.
    May you be blessed on your journey!