Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Reiki Box

 I've 'sent' Reiki to people & situations over the years, individually, in Reiki Circles, on prayer chains, etc.

Last summer, I noticed a lovely blog post  on making a 'Reiki Box' for sending Reiki. (the domain name had expired this fall)
The author noted that he decorated a small box (his is 3" x 2.5" x 2.5") of natural materials, & puts slips of paper with requests for distant healing, his own blessings for past & future, & 'anything else that needs Reiki energy.' He charges the slips with Reiki (sometimes drawing the symbols) before placing them in the box.

He decorated his with angels, butterflies & flowers, & writes 'proceed with the Reiki techniques you have been trained to do. Turn Reiki on, draw the symbols, then focus energy on the Reiki Box. Follow your instinct for how long to 'send' Reiki.'

I put this blue crystal heart on top of the requests in my Reiki box.  In December, I plan to do a Zen funeral with the papers in the box, & begin anew.

Do you have a favorite way to send Reiki/ prayer healing?


  1. Great inquiry!
    A Zen funeral is a burning bowl ceremony, where you burn something you wish to release (in this case, competing this prayer cycle).
    I have done, funerals with the Reiki principles, writing about struggles with each of the first four, then burning those papers, and writing gratitudes!