Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Reiki and MAP

 In the early 90s, I began making flower essences shortly after joining the Healing Arts Team at Breitenbush Hot Springs and becoming a Reiki Master. 

One of my books on essences was Machaelle Small Wright's. I'd been gardening co-creatively with Nature since reading about Findhorn in the 80s, and later discovered Machaelle's Garden Workbook. When she published her Medical Assistance Program (MAP), I got her initial handouts, then the book.

Petunia - creative visionary

With this program (developed from her work with Devas and nature spirits, Machaelle began to work with a "team" for personal health - both physical and mental/emotional. It dovetails beautifully with energy work including Reiki and etheric healing, tuning forks and lightweaving, and during sessions received from other healers.

The team includes:

  1. PAN (the CEO of nature) 
  2. Great White Brotherhood (Ascended Masters, including Motherr Mary and Christos, and the Reiki guides)
  3. Deva of Healing (and possibly the Deva for the land you're on)
  4. Your Higher Self

Set up in a comfortable place, often lying down, and invite your Team to work with you (on your own, or in conjunction with other healers) generally for a set period of around an hour. You can do self Reiki during this session, following your intuition. 

Test for flower essences before and after the session (and during if so guided) At the end of the time, thank them and release the "coning.' This is a good time to record impressions and insights in your Reiki Journal.

You can Ask for the name of your team for future sessions. For an acute issue, you can leave the coning open for a longer time. A sweet addition: visualize journeying to a Temple of Healing for your sessions. 

You can also do group work work within a coning, with each person including their own higher self. Invite the Deva overlighting the land you're on (or each person's land, if you're on a conference call.) My friend Anita lived near Findhorn for a year, and taught our Reiki Circle to use a similar method for group meetings. 

I had begun working with MAP when I slipped on wet stairs, and likely cracked a few ribs!! Even though I had insurance, and several of our private (retreat center) medical team were my Reiki students .. I worked with poultices, flower essences and my MAP team ...(clay cut the pain immediately, and I had homeopathic Arnica)

A psychic later told me she noticed me gimping along, not moving with my usual dancer Grace and lightness ... Juliet thought of offering healing (she was initiated in Reiki 1 by Takata!) - but saw my house surrounded by angels, and received the message I "didn't want other help at the moment!" (A couple of my Reiki students did give me sessions) ... 💖🌹💜

Healing Temple

A practioneer who took the DVD workshop on using MAP wrote, "Use your MAP session as an exploration of  what you are feeling and experiencing around an issue. The MAP team can only "work" with what one is conscious of, and the exploration can help us become more aware of what's going on around an issue - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. ... Using essences (with the session) can be helpful in gaining and maintaining balance."

She commented she found using a MAP-based coning while giving Reiki treatment supports and deepens the Reiki practice. When using MAP with others, invite their Higher self, not your own, for the 4th component of your coning, and remember to thank your team and release the coning at the end of the session. 

- Shortly after beginning to use MAP personally, I began using it professionally, and had several clients who were also familiar with the practice. We were excited to include MAP  in their sessions, and to compare notes afterwards.

You can use Professional MAP in your sessions and work with clients in any capacity! After you've worked your personal team for awhile, and are comfortable with the process, open a conning with your own Higher Self and your Professional Team. Request a name for your Professional MAP Team, and use a journal for your notes. You can request information and insights on how to best include MAP on your practice.

I'd love to hear if you decide to use MAP as part of your practice!

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Cats Invented Reiki

Ask a cat if they would like some Reiki, and they'll likely tell you they invented it!! 

When i embarked on my Reiki journey, it seemed by 'happenstance! During her talk on the asteroid Chiron, the 'wounded healer, Analyse mentioned Chiron oversees healing initiations, & invited those interested to register for a Reiki class in a few weeks.

I was intrigued, & signed up for the class on the spot. I'd long realized there was 'more we could do' with our hands, without personal effort; but hadn't been sure how to tap it consistently. 

One other student and one of Analyse's new Masters and I arrived for the class. After the introduction, we moved to the massage tables for our first sessions, and the resident kitty was at the door, wanting in! It joined Analyse for sessions, then would go out during the Reiki lessons! 

In the years since that first class in 1989, I've done Reiki on animals, or they've joined in classes several times. 
Coal and Ash (grandkitties)
  • One weekend, I joined my son and his family at a rural outing, and as I was doing Reiki on his horse Magic, the other horses gave me the LOOK, "is it my turn yet?" (Yes, they got turns!)
  • Visiting my friends Kylene and Roy, who had wanted to take a class for awhile, it suddenly worked out just after they got a new puppy - a Great Pyrenees, who insisted on laying in between his people during the initiation - and between my feet! During a later visit, we were walking to the garden, and when Kylene mentioned his foot was bothering him, I laid my hand on his head - and he sat down in my foot, "more, please!" Kylene laughed, and said, "remember, he's a Reiki dog"
  • Living at the coast in the mid 90s, my daughter's kitty Jade joined me, as I could picture him at Reiki circles and classes ... forgetting often people are allergic to cats! Like my master's kitty, he liked to settle on someone during their treatment (and if they were ok with him there, I let him.)
  • Shortly after I took etheric healing from my African teacher, Jade came home limpng. I tried doing Reiki with my hands touching him, he hissed! I called my student Joy, who was one of his favorite people, who suggested I try the off-body etheric, as animals were often more sensitive.  I held one hand over his hips, one over his heart. He nestled in my lap and purred for about 20 minutes! Joy worked on him as well, and he was OK a few days later.
Percy and Gracie

  • A dog named Emmett come with his person Patrick to a first degree initiation at the coast. A mellow Norwegian Elk Hound, Jade wasn't too bothered to share the room ... During the initiation, Emmett came from the doorway, and lay with his head under the initiation chair, before I called Patrick over! I also invited the class to practice giving Emmett Reiki, which he quite enjoyed. (A psychic later told me that Jade showed her Emmett filled the whole house with a rose gold light!)
  • If a dog is present when I play the harp (and transmit Reiki via the music), they often lay near the harp, and soak it in. My psychic friend said her elder and gimpy dog asked, "is that another way she talks? It makes my whole body feel good!" I plagued the harp the night I came home with my Gracie over a decade ago, and she curled up for a nap.
  • Once while living at Breitenbush, a friend and I went to mine in a nearby town for a holiday meal. When we arrived, the Corgis were jumping with excitment, but theit pal a Golden retriever didn't even greet us... Our hostess explained he was diabetic, and had gotten into the Christmas cookies, which were on a card table, when she went outside! He'd had his insulin, she'd been in touch with his Vet, and the dog was sleeping it off. I thought of Reiki, and switched from petting him to putting my hands on his tummy ... And after doing Reiki got several minutes, went into the Living room, and sat on the couch. The dog got up, strolled over to the couch, climbed up beside me, and leaned back, exposing his tummy, "um, you're not done yet, lady!" So I did some more Reiki, till he was satisfied, climbed of the couch, went back to the kitchen, and emptied his water bowl! I always tell my human students and clients, "drink more water," he didn't need to be told! He was alert and curious from that point, and returned several times you say "thank you!"
  • My friend Linda and I became Masters together in 1991. When I visited her home in Portland, I slept on a daybed in the living room... Before lights out, I heard a scraping sound in the hall - her German Shepherd Angel was pulling her bed down the hall, to sleep beside me! (Laughing, Linda and her daughter took the bed back down the hall!) Angel had the hip dysplasia common to shepherds, and several times, Linda crawled into the kennel at the vet's with her, and extended her life (and comfort!)
A friends Intentional Creativity® Tribute

There are, of course, many more stories - and Mrs Takata shared some of her own. Living among farmers in Hawaii, she instructed them to hold eggs and beam Reiki before putting them in the incubator, and to use their "Reiki hands" on injured animals. If the injury is acute (like Jade's hip) off the body etheric is generally more comfortable than direct Reiki. 
Several Reiki Masters have written about their experiences with animals, and this Psychology Today article highlights one practioner, Kathleen Prasad's work with Reiki and animals. 

When I'm asked if one needs to "believe in" Reiki for it to "work," I often tell an animal healing story - the animals know it feels good/ is calming and helpful, without needing statistics, or to be convinced! And like Kathleen, I've found that animals will lead, and let us know what they want! 

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Everyday Reiki

The Reiki precepts begin kyo dake wa, just for today ...

When we have Reiki, we can invite the energy to flow into our activities and interactions throughout the day. 

While Takata awaited surgery in Dr Maeda's hospital in Tokyo, each of the meals prepared by the doctor's sister the dietician was blessed with Reiki: green tea, Rice, beans, steamed vegetables (especially carrots & beets), seaweed. As she learned Reiki herself, Mrs Takata blessed her own food and drink, and later recommended her students do the same.

Teachers in many traditions suggest blessing what we ingest, it's something we do daily, and soon becomes second nature. We can also use Reiki around the home:
  • set up an altar
  • hold seeds or herbs a minute before we plant them
  • bless a craft project we're working on
  • sweep the floor
  • play a musical instrument
  • atune to objects as we decide whether to keep them, or pass them on
In addition to doing sessions on ourselves, our pets and each other, we can use Reiki to clear, bless and Tune the land!  I love this process learned from my Flower Essence Friend Molly Sheehan  - Reiki enhances the tuning, but this can be done by ANYONE! 

* I tacked a slip of paper up on my fridge with a quick summary of the process - & often just step outside & ask that the Angels, Masters, Elemntals & Devas 'CLEANSE, CLEAR, RE-BALANCE & ILLUMINATE' my land!
We can also visualize sending Reiki blessings into the earth when we walk on the land, or traverse labyrinth. When we light a candle or write a note.

Kayleen and Emily on the Columbia River

Another simple daily practice - use your breath plus visualization to enhance your sense of calm and vitality. Practices like yoga and Qigong often include conscious breath as a vehicle for becoming present.  
Imagine filling your body with love, peace, calm, health. You can place your hands on your heart, or heart and belly, and envision love filling you with each inhale and exhale for a few minutes. 
I offer a longer Breath of Reiki process here, and ideas on using Reiki with EFT.

My daughter, who took classes with me 20 years ago, says she sends Reiki when she hears an ambulance, and when animals or kid's are upset,  sits and beams soothing calm.

In our Red Thread Reiki classes, I have my students create Reiki Principle cards or Prayer Flags, with a simple illustration on the front, and the principle of the back. You can string the flags where you can see them, or choose a card to work with each day or perhaps for a week. 
Principe Flags, Gratitude tree, Medicine Basket

In an interview between lineage keeper Phyllis Furomoto and another Master of Japanese descent, Barbara Matsuura, they affirm that, 'Every student has within them their own truth,' and each of us can learn from others. 

Barbara added, "Just sit & Be. Be the Reiki - don't try, just Be it!'