Thursday, November 7, 2013

Blessing food & drink

When Takata, who brought Reiki to the West in the late 30s, was awaiting surgery, (which she avoided!) then healing from her stomach pains (Uterine tumor, gall stones, appendicitis) Dr Maeda & his sister the dietician told her to 'treat the hospital like a fancy resort hotel;' to rest up & enjoy the wholesome food.

The dietician was trained in Reiki, so every day, as she prepared meals for her patients, she would bless the green tea, bless the simple meals: Rice, beans, steamed vegetables (especially carrots & beets) and seaweed ...

Telling this story during a Reiki class, I pictured the dietician blessing the meal as she prepared it, & muttering to herself that she wished Takata KNEW about Reiki! That she didn't really need the surgery ... but she was a Westerner, and might not be receptive... So she did the best she could, blessing the food with Reiki ....

Later, just prior to the surgery, Takata heard 'Surgery not necessary!' & that she should 'ask. Ask. Ask ... the head physician - so she got off the prep table, & stopped the preparations! (can you imagine the rumble this would have triggered in 1935?! A patient, especially a WOMAN, daring to interrupt the process?)

And after consulting with the surgeon, hee called in his sister to tell her about the other options, there in Japan. To tell her about Reiki!
Blessing food & drink with Reiki is simple, and profound! Many traditions suggest a prayer of thanks, of appreciation for the food & those who prepared it. Teachers of every form of healing that I've studied say the same - use the energy we teach to bless what you eat, bless what you drink. One African teacher suggested holding your hand above water (or other liquid) & beaming RAINBOWS into it!

This morning, my 2 year old Grandson was upset about a hurt knee, & his 8 year old sister asked if he wanted 'Rainbows' on it - so held her hand above his knee, & 'beamed Rainbows' for a minute. Later she shrugged & said 'that's what he calls it!'

Just for today, take a moment to express your gratitude for all you eat & drink, & dedicate it to the best use by your body!


  1. I really like this idea. Having had surgery twice in six years and seen relatives in hospital recently, I believe we have more power and choices over health and healing than drugs or surgery. I will be more grateful for my food.

    1. That makes my heart happy, Robert!
      I grew up in a home with heartfelt & sincere prayers before our evening & weekend meals - we DO have more options!

  2. reiki is such a wonderful opportunity to cure. heard a lot about it from friends. thanks for sharing it.

    1. Reiki is a wonderful support and simple to incorporate into daily life!
      Glad you enjoyed this!

  3. Awesome! I love the ideas of beaming rainbows into our bodies and our food! I'm going to incorporate that! Thank you!

    1. Isn't it a great idea?
      There was a beautiful double rainbow here today!!

  4. I absolutely LOVE the idea of beaming rainbows into our bodies, what we drink, and what we eat! I have a cup of ginger peach tea that I'm sipping right now...time for some rainbows!

    As a Reiki level I practitioner, I get this!!

    1. Yea! Reiki rocks!
      Isn't it a great image!
      Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your tea!