Sunday, April 18, 2021


 Living and working on Healing Arts at Breitenbush in the 90s, I was blessed to attend the Annual Reiki Gathering with Phyllis Lei Furomoto, and to study with healers and mentors from many traditions and backgrounds, including Wheels of Light author Rosalyn Bruyere, the Breema community, Egypt scholar Nicky Scully, ethetic healer Eric Vormanns, Lightwork teacher Amorah Quan Yin, and many others.

I met Amorah when I first moved to Breitenbush thirty years ago, and enjoyed our chats and hearing about her Pleiadian Lightwork, and the book she was writing. So when she offered her second month long intensive training several years later, I signed up! I had moved to the coast, but was asked to fill in during the time of the workshop, so got permission to schedule my sessions around our class time!

I was already implementing the teachings from the Pleiadian Workbook, practicing the basic techniques and clearings. One day, Amorah "happened" to call about the workshop whilst I was doing a session, and had forgotten to turn the phone off!

My client had severe bruising from the seatbelt during an accident, and Amorah said, "Oh! Do a QTG!" An etheric technique, the Quantum Transformation Grid is designed to "break up cellular and emotional patterning, ... Imagining microscopic lasers of colored light from several directions" entering the body to the cellular level! ... I pulled out my book for the process, and it indeed helped ease the pain and speed healing! 

During our intensive, Amorah invited me to help set the tone each morning, playing her original music guitar with me on harp. After finishing one intense session, I began playing softly, and later my friend Lauren said she could really feel the Star Temple we envisioned during our sessions drop around us! 

When she signed my Pleiadian Workbook, Amorah wrote, "dearest dahling Nadya  Dance and play/sobriety and depth/ love and spirit/ earth and fire - sacred formulas of our shared times in loving remembrance and ancient friendship. Love, Amorah ❤

The Dolphin Star Temple is a mystery school, founded on the same principles as the ancient teaching temples in Lemuria, Atlantis and Egypt, where students are offered tools and techniques to remember and reconnect with our own divine essence. 

About a third of the students and assistants in our intensive had taken Reiki, and I found the combination amplified intuition and simplified accessing the shifts. Like the MAP process, we invited a team of masters and guides, plus the Pleiadian Emissaries of light to assist and support each session.

Crystalline HeArt Song

 During the 4 week intensive, we learned (and received) many clearings and activations, including the "master" KA meridians, which optimizes energy flow through the body and organs, and clears the pathways for higher energies. 

The etheric sessions I learned from African healer Eric Vormanns dovetail nicely with clearing the Ka channels, and i often use Cherokee chakra chants or tuning forks with Diaphragm clearing. I resonate more with Qigong than I did with the Feldenkrais moment Amorah studied. Flower essences support shifts.

Still, these teachings weave into my sessions, and Pleiadian show up in some canvases, and I am grateful. 

Like other Pleiadian Lightwork Practitioners, i am available for sessions and teaching practices from level 1, containing with creative practices, movement and drink to support your own journey of Awakening!