Sunday, March 31, 2019

The passing of our lineage bearer

I just learned that at 7:10 AM PDT, March 31, 2019, our lineage bearer Phyllis Lei Furumoto made transition at her home, surrounded by love. The community will miss her!

I met Phyllis shortly after becoming a Reiki master, at the 1991 NW Reiki gathering at
Phyllis lei Furomoto 2019
Breitenbush Hot Springs. It was a wonderful immersion into the International Reiki community, Phyllis and the other Masters and attendees shared stories, laughter, tears and healing. We divided into small groups where we shared more stopped and exchanged Reiki. I was blessed to attend several gatherings, and played harp for a meditation Phyllis led one year.

Phyllis' path with Reiki was uneven. As a child, her grandmother Hawayo Takata initiated her in Reiki, and as a teen, into second degree. 

Phyllis commented that though her own mother grew up with Reiki, she was quick to grab the aspirin or other pharmaceutical remedies, rather than offering Reiki! After second degree, Grandmother would ask Phyllis to send her Reiki at a certain time, and let her know her response. 

Grandmother Takata wanted to initiate Phyllis as a Master, and asked her several times over the next decade + no avail. Phyllis just wasn't ready for that ... Then she turned 30. She went up on a hill, and thought about being 30 ... While we were growing up, the cold war was going on, and we were taught to hide under our desks during drills! ... Here she was,30, and she was still here! Our country was still intact ... And what was she going to do with the rest of her life? 


Hawayo Takata 1900-1980
Maybe it was time to take grandmother up on her offer, and be initiated as a Master! So she talked to Takata, who was very pleased! (Finally!) 
Phyllis was initiated at the beginning of April, 1979, and traveled with her grandmother over the next year and a half. During those travels, she met many in the Reiki community, and after Takata's death in November 1980, was recognised as the lineage bearer. 

After her grandmother's passing, Phyllis and another Master who worked with Takata those last few years, Paul Mitchell, to share teachings and insights. Paul was recognized as the keeper of the discipline. I also met Paul at those gatherings in the early 90s, and my dear friend Sheila King was my small group leader in 1992.

The past several years, I've enjoyed watching the Global Reiki Webinars, full-featured by Rachel Greenberg and Phyllis Furomoto. Last year, I participated in a small group call with Phyllis and Rachel, and a half a dozen masters from around the globe. Are the beginning and end of each call, we'd do self Reiki, and then "send" to each other and the greater community. 
For the last 40 years, Phyllis has been a way star for the Western Reiki community. She traveled to Japan, and connected with that part of our global community as well.

Blessings and thank you, Phyllis, as you journey on! 

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Reiki Intention Boxes

One of my artist friends, Karen Sue, paints each morning for 20 minutes on watercolor paper, and began making intention boxes! She's taking them to a Valentines Day event, and has a little poem about putting intentions in the box. I thought of our Reiki Boxes, what a great way to combine two intentional processes!! 

My mom used to make pretty little boxes using old Christmas cards, as shown in this
Karen Sue's intention boxes
little tutorial!  Karen has made the 
bottoms of her boxes deeper. This is an easy way to make a small box of your own, for Reiki prayers, gratuities, intentions.

I'm eager to make some of my own! 

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Reiki and EFT

My middle granddaughter, now 14, has struggled with OCD and worries for a number of years. Though off gluten since 4 (which helps!) very conscious to avoid other foods she's sensitive to, and on medication, she still struggles. 
Several years ago, my niece recommended EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping), and last year, KK had a series of 6 sessions with a local practitioner. This was something she could do on her own, and faithfully tapped each evening before bed for several months. She also tapped before athletic events, to ease anxiety and boost performance. She's doing better, and has "one more tool" for stressful times.

EFT is an energy meridian therapy, which involves tapping on a series of meridian points on
the upper body (head, chest and hands) in a specific pattern, generally while repeating an affirmative phrase. Last fall I enrolled in an online EFT course with Graham Nichols, and I've attended several group sessions with KK's practitioner. 

In a recent conference call, Graham suggested we choose a couple of positive characteristics, and tap on them morning and evening for the next 28 days. I invite you to join in, with tapping or simply with Reiki! Some named today were:

  • Ease and Well-being
  • Love and respect
  • Love and forgiveness
  • Joy and gratitude
  • Confidence and excitement

During our call, one participant asked if combining Reiki and EFT might result in "too much" energy ... on the contrary, I feel they support each other beautifully! 

So what are some ways we can combine these two energy techniques? 

  • My EFT teacher recommends beginning and ending sessions with a simple heart activation technique, place your hands on your heart, and breathe in and out, imagining the heart being activated with refresh breath. Perfect place to activate your Reiki Hands
  • Do a Reiki self-treatment, visualize the points and silently repeat your affirmative phrase, "Now that I feel filled with energy and well being, (energy and well-being, energy and well-being, ...) I deeply love and accept myself." 
  • Tap on the Reiki principles: Today I release (worry, anger), I will (honor my teachers and elders, will show integrity) I am grateful! (Here's a short video)
  • Self-Reiki is a great tool for any practitioner, especially those who often feel drained or affected by moods of others. Try a well of self-Reiki and see how you feel! 
Second degree Practitioners and Masters:
  • Mental/Emotional - tap several rounds of your positive phrase, finish with a M/E treatment with hands on your Forehead and Occiput (draw the M/E symbol on your palms) 5+ minutes
  • Use the M/E symbol to gain insights on the core issue for yourself/a client, then tap on the issue (as specific as possible) and comps with M/E treatment (self or for client) 
  • Send (Distant) Reiki ahead to your Future Aspect and tap on a upcoming challenge
  • Empower any session for deeper healing. 
Do you include both EFT and Reiki in your healing practice? I'd love to hear your experiences and tips! 
You're invited to join the 28 day challenge! 

Thursday, October 4, 2018

Self Care Reiki style

Mrs Takata encouraged her students to practice "Reiki for the self first!" before treating others. She taught a simple self treatment pattern, and encouraged them to receive Reiki as well.

When we're new students, we are excited and inspired to practice self Reiki daily, but as time passes, we may fall away. When's the last time you did a self-Reiki
session, or received Reiki? Lineage head Phyllis Furomoto recommends receiving Reiki weekly throughout the year, and for a block of days each month... 

I receive regular bodywork sessions with a co-worker who is also a Reiki practitioner, but receiving a full Reiki session is rare. 

I recently received an invitation to the #30daysofselfcarechallenge on Instagram, and immediately thought of Reiki! I often practice self-Reiki when I awaken, as part of the Miracle Hour process: Silence (Self Reiki), Affirmation (Reiki principles), Visualization (M/E), Exercise (Qigong or a walk), Read (uplifting), and Scribe (journal) 

I don't do the full process each day, but generally practice at least a few minutes of self-Reiki, journal and move. A favourite evening option is one I learned in my own first degree class with Analyse, one hand on my belly, the other on my heart as I fall asleep. It's so simple, sweet and comforting. Another option is arms crossed, with your hands on opposite shoulders. This balances all the meridians, and a minor chakra on the arms is above the heart! 

What self care will you include today? 

Monday, February 19, 2018

Miracle Hour, Reiki Style

On Sunday, I enjoyed reading about and watching short videos on the Danish inspired Hyyge, which includes bringing comfort home by creating a cozy surroundings. During this meander, I stumbled on Chelsea Dinen's introduction to waking a bit earlier and giving yourself a Miracle Hour

Popularized by Hal Elrod, the Miracle Hour weaves elements found in the Artist Way Morning pages, my teacher Shiloh's Morning CafĂȘ, and  to beginning the day with Reiki and Qigong.

The acronym SAVERS gives a key to the ~ 10 minuet components for one's Miracle Hour:
  • S - Silence (Self-Reiki!)
  • A - Affirmation (Mental/Emotional self treatment)
  • V - Visualization
  • E - Exercise (Qigong)
  • R - Read - Dharma /wisdom teachings
  • S - Scribing (Reiki or Gratitude journal)
This morning, I began my practice with Self-Reiki, combining both Silence during the treatment flow, and Affirmations, thinking of the Reiki Principles, and including an Affirmation with th my Mental/ Emotional treatment. I began the session with my eyes, and moved down my head and then torso, before returning to my forehead and base of the scull for the M/E portion.

I love to Read, and often do before getting up!
 This morning I picked my book club selection, Book of Joy,  Lasting Happiness in a Changing World. This is an enchanting 5 day conversation between the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Desmond Tutu, on the occasion of the Tibetan Lamas 80th BD in 2015. (It was hard to stop reading at 10 minutes!) 
I was blessed to see each of them at events at the Convention Center in Portland, and my scarf from the Dalai Lama's visit hangs on my painting of the Apostle to the Apostles, Mary of Magdala. 
I Scribed as I read, contemplating these global heros, and their uplifting messages. If you have a Reiki journal, that's a lovely place to Scribe reflections, insights and gratitude.

Like Chelsea, I saved my Exercise for later, when I came downstairs.
I love Qigong, which I've done for 35 years, and often practice in the morning. While
New Moon Visioning
I have several forms and teach, I also enjoy following a video at times, and this morning chose
this one, with Marissa. I lit a candle, and moved my chi. 

Then I pulled out a Vision Board, and enjoyed the images, as I sipped my morning tea, from a cup my granddaughter made me in her pottery class. Here are some more examples. I intend to do some visionary everything/scribbling tomorrow.

I  really enjoyed the practice, and invite you to experiment with incorporating a Miracle Hour into your day. What favorite practices will you include? Share in the comments! 

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Beginning - Reiki 1

When a friend or family member is suffering, do you wish there was 'something more' you could do? When I began offering massage in the early 80s, I often felt that way, .... then I discovered Reiki! 

I've offered Reiki sessions and classes for over 25 years, and am continually touched by Reiki's gentle power, and suitability for most circumstances. I recently spent time with my friend Margot, who was initiated by Takata in 1972. She enjoyed the class, but didn't focus much attention on Reiki till she was studying massage a decade later, and was reintroduced. Like me, she opens the Reiki Door through sessions, classes and circles in her community, and loves Reiki. 

Have you taken Reiki, and would like to reconnect with the energy? Or is it something you've wanted to learn? In either case, I'd love to work with you. 

If you are sensitive to energy, and easily overwhelmed, you may find Reiki helps mitigate that, and you're better able to function in groups. Artists, writers and musicians often discover Reiki helps them tap the font of inspiration.

In Red Thread Reiki I, students will learn basic Reiki practices, form and history, and are initiated in traditional Usui Reiki I. We will also engage in a Red Thread Circle, and make cards for the five Reiki Principles. This class offers 9 CEU for LMTs.

My next Reiki 1 workshop will be held in Newberg, Oregon, April 1 & 2, we'd love to have you join us!

Monday, February 27, 2017


Accidents, surgeries, stress and trauma contribute to feelings of imbalance and being out of synch, what if that could change? We have many examples of Reiki bringing just such changes, for thousands of people! 

We now know that our bodies contain the same matter as
stars, and that the state of our body electric affects the whole system. Trauma registers in the body's energy field, and energy healing is out most effective tool for clearing that trauma.

I've been using calibrated tuning forks on combination with Reiki, both on the body and in the energy field, for over a decade, and find the results profound. Changes in the field ripple over to bring emotional and mental balance, in addition to physical ease and healing. Often old relationship patterns shift, and we come into allotment with our soul purpose!

Like Reiki, Tune-Up / Recalibration sessions are most effective when scheduled as a series of sessions. 
My Recalibration Medicine Basket includes:
  • Reiki (hands on and Mental/emotional)
  • Lightweaving
  • Chakra chants
  • Crystals
  • Calibrated tuning forks 
  • Coaching within the Spiral
  • Personal flower essence bouquet
The individual series may be followed by a Business Reboot, to align both the client and their business with their Highest good.

Are you ready for Recalibration