Monday, November 4, 2013

Reiki I

I came to Reiki training by 'happenstance,' when I attended a talk on the asteroid Chiron, the 'wounded healer, the speaker mentioned how Chiron oversaw healing initiations, & that she would offer a Reiki class in a few weeks.

"As an archetype, Chiron embodies key a lesson for today: how to link the daily concerns of life (paying the rent, washing the laundry, getting around in the world, and so forth) with the more profound spiritual realities — and then sharing what we learn with others. Chiron thus symbolizes the ability to establish a working bridge between the realm of the earth and the realm of Spirit."

I was intrigued, & signed up for the class on the spot. I'd long realized there was 'more we could do' with our hands, without personal effort; but hadn't been sure how to tap it consistently. The class answered many questions, & left me hungry for more, when the time was ripe!

Some students who are drawn to Reiki have been experiencing increased energy, perhaps having 'hot hands,' energy surges, feeling other's pain or discomfort in their own body (kinethetically sensitive!) dreams of healing. Often it's helpful to receive a session or two before being initiated, to acustom the person to the energy before attunment.

Reiki I is the basic 'hand on' form. Students learn the history & principles of Reiki, treatment for
yourself & others, & are initiated or 'attuned' to the Reiki energy.  After the class, 10 - 20 minutes of self-Reiki daily is a simple way to increase your vitality & enhance your health. Reiki training re-awakens
your innate healing ability.

Reiki I is generally offered in a weekend class, or individually, over a series of four 90 minute

Reiki can be used as:
  • a rejuvenating self-care practice
  • a means to support healing in friends and family
  • a service profession, providing Reiki to clients
  • an enhancement to other modalities including counseling, social work, nursing, teaching,
coaching, mentoring, and body work

Have you considered the role Reiki might play in your life? 


  1. I have never even heard of this before hehe (: but great post! (:

    1. Glad you enjoyed it - I bet you'll encounter references to Reiki / hands on healing several times!

  2. sounds interesting. It's always good when you find something that you can really buy into

    1. I do find it interesting, Fiona!
      It's also been quite a blessing, as I've been doing Massage for 30 years now, & feel Reiki has helped keep me well & strong, as well as being a blessing for my clients!
      Thanks for stopping by!