Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Honor your Parents, Teachers & Elders

I honor the elders come to study Reiki with me. It's such a blessing when I observe those with more life experience choosing to embrace skills that will subtly & powerfully influence their families, their communications, their way of being in the world.

I honor my own parents, for being open minded & open hearted, for sharing family wisdom & teachings, for exampling a good way of being in the world. My mother's family passed down a gift of healing touch, my father a gift of music.

I honor the children who teach me, snuggle me, enjoy the harp, giggle, accept Reiki 'fairy magic'as a birthright. The young elders, who live & breathe joy & wonder at being in these lovely physical bodies, this wonderful world, this precious life!

I honor the teachers in my life past, present, future. My dear piano teacher, Marion Coe, who shared a love of music with lots of technique & theory to give a good foundation. I honor my Reiki mentors, Analyse, Sheila, Karen. I honor my Qigong mentors, Maria, JoAnn., my massage mentor Jeanne,  etheric teacher Eric. And all my Reiki Students, who teach me as well.

I honor myself, for the choices I make, the responsibilities I take, the Joy I call in, the opportunities for change & uplifting those around me.

At times, we are offered Hard lessons - it's not as easy to say 'thank you' to the teachers, the life experiences that come our way - our survival of these lessons strengthens us & gives us compassion for others faced with similar challanges.

Just for today, honor those way showers who have paved the way for our learning, our being the best we can be.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Just for today - Do not anger

How do you deal with Anger?
I know I often get 'sad' rather than 'angry' .... & need to tune in to find my true emotion.
Do you have healthy outlets for anger? With the toddlers, we're always encouraging 'Use your WORDS' .... Do you allow anger to infuse your day, & interfere with harmonious interactions? Are there times you need to set better boundaries? Do you turn anger inward, into ill health? Or talk about it, when it's not productive? 'Do not Anger' reminds us not to carry Anger as a burden!

Takata told several stories of dealing with anger - her dealings with Sadie, who seemed to see Takata as someone to take advantage of - till Takata put her foot down, & told Sadie "See these stairs? They go up, or down ... I want you to go down them, & not come up again!!"

Another time, when workmen brought their anger from another job to her Reiki House, she asked them to leave, & come back when they felt better. "This is my Reiki house! Every day, I touch the walls & send them love." The foreman later told her that was the best lesson he'd ever received - they remembered to carry 'focus on THIS job' with them to their other sites.

The Qigong exercise 'Punching with Angry Eyes' is a good one for discharging anger. Choose a point of focus (a tree is excellent - it actually BENEFITS from this exercise!) Feet about shoulder width apart, knees bent. Fists are at your hips, like holding reins (palm up) Turn your fist as you punch straight out from the shoulder - exhale with each punch, alternating fists. Punch 16 times (8 with each fist) This expels spent chi from the liver, & 'resets' your field.
After the exercise, thank the tree, & take a moment to appreciate how you feel.

And if you've done all you can about a situation, can you let it go? This Abraham clip is a great aide for moving on!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Just for Today - Do not Worry

When I began teaching 4 day Reiki Workshops at Breitenbush Hot Springs with harper Karen Bruner, in the spring of 1993, I envisioned working with one principle each day. This was a lovely way to integrate the principles, which Mikeo Usui based on teachings from Emperor Meiji.

Just for today - Do not Worry

Breathe it in .. as you exhaloe, let the earth, the air, the fires beneath the earth, the river take & transmute your worries, your fears, any doubts. Let them surface, to be released to the elements.

As worries arise during the day, pay attention to the movement of breath in the body, & let the breath assist you in releasing them. As you walk about, imagine your worries sinking into the earth, like compost, to provide nourishment.

What can you do about persistent worries? Is there an action needed? Some shift you need to make in how you move in the world? Some task  to complete, or one you need to set aside for now? Ask your guides to help you find appropriate action or release of these.

Write down worries as they arise, & place them in a 'worry box.' After 3-6 months, open the box, & see if ANY of these have materialized. Or save them for your Zen Funeral.

Reiki Principles: 

Inviting blessings of the secret method
Many illnesses of the spiritual (heavenly) medicine

Today only
anger not
worry not
With appreciation Do work
To people be kind

In morning at night hands held in prayer
think in your mind chant with mouth

Mind body change it for better
Usui Reiki method

Usui Mikao

Wednesday, October 23, 2013


 "King, did you hear that? The hands of a healer, I say."
Return of the King - J.R.R. Tolkein

I began my journey with Reiki over twenty years ago, in Nov. 1989, six years into my massage practice.

In the early 80s, I learned a brief '
Polarity' treatment during my basic massage training, & felt there should be more we could do with our healing hands!  So when I attended a talk on healing, and  the speaker (Analyse Chamberlaine) mentioned she would offer a Level I Reiki training in a couple of weeks, I realized this is for me!' & signed up. I continued to study with Analyse over the next several years, becoming a Reiki Master early summer, 1991.

Reiki met, no,
exceeded my expectations, & that first class affirmed my sense that I wanted to open the Reiki door' for others! I've been offering sessions & teaching Reiki for over  20 years, & am still amazed at its simplicity & strength!

Reiki, pronounced '
ray-key,' is a precise method for connecting Universal Energy - Chi or Ki - with the body's innate powers of healing.  Rediscovered in Japan about 100 years ago, Reiki combines the healing power of touch with life-force energy, made available to the student through a series of initiations.

Once initiated, Reiki energy is consistently available.  You become a conduit for healing energy to flow into your own body, and into those upon whom you place your Reiki charged hands. It doesn't 'wear off' if you haven't (consciously) used it for awhile, it remains available whenever you need it! 

There are 3 levels in Usui Reiki: 1st Degree opens the conduit for the energy to freely flow,to be used for healing & balancing the student, their friends & family. The next level, 2nd Degreeincludes words (Mantras) & symbols (Yantras) for sending Reiki over distance, for mental emotional balance, & blessing your home, friends & food. Musicians and artists enjoy integrating Reiki into their offerings. The third or Master level includes one more symbol, & teachings for initiating others. Higher degrees aren't 'better,' simply different.

Reiki is not a spiritual belief system and in no way contradicts any individual religious beliefs. It is instead, a simple and gentle transfer of energy that accelerates the body's ability to heal physical and emotional disorders. It invites a return to balance, & inner peace.

An early student, familiar with other energy modalities, commented that she 'used to' work at 'gathering' energy from around her to do a healing; after Reiki training, she could feel it simply pour into her, with no effort on her part. My Reiki Master described Reiki as 'clearing the pipes' for energy to flow; when this is done, Reiki flows naturally & easily, with no effort on the part of the practitioner.

* Massage Therapists & other Health Care professionals discover they rarely feel as tired after working with clients/patients, & they no longer seem to 'take on' problems their clients are dealing with.

* A student from my first class greeted his son after a field trip, & the boy was very nauseated from the drive. The dad 'sat with' his son for a few minutes, with his hands on his belly, then the boy skipped home. The driver later told me she'd never seen a child that 'green' recover so quickly without throwing up!

* When I have a slight injury (stubbed toe, smashed finger, sore shoulder) I'll feel a tingle in the affected area when I do a session on someone, & may end their session free of my own pain!

* At a harp conference in 1996, my luthier's daughter hurt her knee, & his wife asked if I'd do 'Fairy Energy' (a friend's name for Reiki) for her. After a few minutes, she dashed off, & her mom commented 'Wow! She could hardly walk!'
With chronic aches & problems, the result may not seem dramatic, as with an acute problem or recent injury, but with time & repetition, stubborn problems gradually abate. Takata went to Japan in 1935 with 'stomach pain' which included: a uterine tumor, appendicitis & gall stones. After receiving Reiki regularly for 6 months, these had  disappeared, as had the Asthma that plagued her from childhood! She regained her vitality, & lived 45 more years, dying in Nov of 1980.

Over the years, Reiki has been a friend, a tool, a wonderful way of connecting to Universal Life energy. I invite you to join me on the Reiki Journey!