Monday, November 18, 2013

Chujiro Hayashi

Chujiro Hayashi was born in 1879 or '80 in Tokyo. Like Usui, he was married, with two children. He served in the Japanese Navy, & in 1918, became commander of the defence station of Port Owinato. Hayashi trained in Western and Chinese medicine, and his traditional Japanese spiritual practices included Soto Zen & Shinto. His student Mrs Yamaguchi relayed he was also Christian (Methodist).
This would not be uncommon in Japan, even now.

Hayashi retired from the Navy, & in 1925, became a student of Mikeo Usui, 10 months before Usui's death. Several other Naval officers joined the school not long afterward, & continued his healing/spiritual work under the title 'Usui Reiki Ryoho Gakkai. 
In 1931, Hayashi began developing his own clinic & school for healing, which became known as Hayashi Reiki Kenkyu Kai - Hayashi Spiritual Energy Research Society. His clinic had a treatment room where eight clients could be treated, with two practitioners at each futon. His wife Chei, also trained in Reiki, served as hostess and receptionist for the clinic.

Students volunteered in the clinic, generally doing treatment for 8 hours a week. After three months, they could proceed to learn the second level, Okuden; after 9 months, they could help run the clinic. After two years, they could attain the teaching level, Shinpiden, & learn to teach and pass attunments. Hayashi changed the format for teaching and attunments, and included mantras & symbols in the initiation process, (Usui did not) His teachings have strongly influenced our Western Practice of Reiki.

Hayashi wrote a guide Ryoho Shishin, & may have written the guide used by Usui & the healing society, since he was a doctor & familiar with anatomy & disease. He also offered a series of hand positions, treating organs & acupuncture meridians.

By 1938, Chujiro Hayashi wrote that he had trained 13 Reiki Masters. By this time, other of Usui's Shinpiden had also begun Reiki schools, & there were about 40 dojo spread throughout Japan.

In 1940, both Chei Hayashi & Takata report that Chujiro took his own life, having dedicated his life to healing, he was reluctant to be called back to Military service. Chei continued to run the clinic in Japan, becoming the second president of Hayashi Reiki Kenkyu Kai.

And Takata brought Reiki to the West ....


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    1. Glad you enjoyed it, Wei wei!
      Is much Reiki available in Singapore? Or more Qigong?

  2. thank you for sharing this interesting and informative post. I love finding out about things from our history, and despite being a Reiki practitioner for many years now, I have still managed to learn something new. So thank you!

  3. You're welcome, Andrea!
    Isn't it fun discovering more layers of the Reiki history?