Thursday, October 4, 2018

Self Care Reiki style

Mrs Takata encouraged her students to practice "Reiki for the self first!" before treating others. She taught a simple self treatment pattern, and encouraged them to receive Reiki as well.

When we're new students, we are excited and inspired to practice self Reiki daily, but as time passes, we may fall away. When's the last time you did a self-Reiki
session, or received Reiki? Lineage head Phyllis Furomoto recommends receiving Reiki weekly throughout the year, and for a block of days each month... 

I receive regular bodywork sessions with a co-worker who is also a Reiki practitioner, but receiving a full Reiki session is rare. 

I recently received an invitation to the #30daysofselfcarechallenge on Instagram, and immediately thought of Reiki! I often practice self-Reiki when I awaken, as part of the Miracle Hour process: Silence (Self Reiki), Affirmation (Reiki principles), Visualization (M/E), Exercise (Qigong or a walk), Read (uplifting), and Scribe (journal) 

I don't do the full process each day, but generally practice at least a few minutes of self-Reiki, journal and move. A favourite evening option is one I learned in my own first degree class with Analyse, one hand on my belly, the other on my heart as I fall asleep. It's so simple, sweet and comforting. Another option is arms crossed, with your hands on opposite shoulders. This balances all the meridians, and a minor chakra on the arms is above the heart! 

What self care will you include today?