Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Violet Transmuting Flame

I utilized the Land Tune Up for several years, then noticed that Molly Sheehan suggests using the Violet Transmuting Flame as a 'cap' for the process! I already included the Violet Flame at portals (sidewalk, driveway), so it was sweet to add it to the process itself.

As you call for the Violet Transmuting Flame, a ray comes from the hands, heart
& head of your 'I AM' presence, and as it touches the earth beneath your feet, it bursts into flame. Picture it like the flame in a fireplace, only violet/purple in colour, joyous, comforting, relaxing, gentle & healing.

Imagine the Violet flame rising beneath your feet, gently filling you, moving through every cell of your body. Draw the flame into your heart, & let it flow throughout your body, mind, energy system. Imagine it flowing through your physical, mental, emotional & spiritual bodies. As it clears all stale energy, incomplete reactions & stresses, feel love & forgiveness pouring from your heart, to all creation. Here's a Violet Flame guided meditation.

You can add a phrase such as "I AM the cosmic law of forgiveness, & the Violet Transmuting Flame of all the mistakes I have ever made. I AM the cosmic law of forgiveness, & the Violet Transmuting Flame of all the mistakes of Mankind." (repeat 3 times - & seal with Reiki)

In her article 'Violet Transmuting Flame,' Molly Sheehan writes "When I started to do energy processes on my land, the energy process most requested by the Angels & elementals, after a basic cleansing, was the Violet Transmuting Flame. I noticed right away the process made the land feel more harmonious & lighter in its vibration.... If we go out & walk around the land in a bad mood or full of worries, the land absorbs this negativity until we consciously transmute it. You can imagine how much negative energy is being held by most pieces of land. Violent weather is Nature's way to release and transmute this human negativity. The Violet Flame can do it much more gently. 

... We must now free the land of the negativity it has held for us, & take over the transmutation of our own negativity. The Violet Transmuting Flame is an excellent tool for this transmutation process. It can clean the physical dimension of land including the atmosphere over land of all mental & emotional negativity. .... The Violet Transmuting Flame will clear the etheric body of land so only constructive memories remain recorded. Is it any wonder nature kept asking me to use this amazing tool? If you work with this tool, you will feel the energy improve on your land and so will your friends, the Angels & elementals."

To include the Violet Transmuting Flame in your Land Tune-Up, simply finish as usual, with the invocation to CLEANSE, CLEAR, RE-BALANCE & ILLUMINATE the land you are tuning, imagine the Violet Transmuting Flame coming into you (as above), touching the earth beneath your feet, rippling out to cover the piece of land you are blessing. Invite the VTF to 'Blaze, Blaze, Blaze,' & transmute any stale, negative, unnecessary emotions and energy being held in the land & atmosphere.

I imagine a briar rose hedge surrounding my property, with 'portals' or doorways at the entrances: driveway, sidewalk, that are Violet to transmute my energy as I leave & enter, & the energy of any guests. I painted my front door purple a couple of years ago, & I LOVE it!

Flower essences from any purple flower, including Comfrey, purple clematis, Violet, penstemon, foxglove, etc. can be used in harmony with this clearing, to assist in the transmutation!

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