Thursday, November 14, 2013

CMT Club

Do you belong to the 'Can't Miss a Thing!!' Club?

I used to. I'd often get sad or mad if I missed an event - especially if I found out AFTER the fact!
  • The friend who invited me to their 'party,' that was, in fact, their wedding reception (private wedding) Quite a few of their special friends missed the event, as they'd kept it TOO secret! ... 
  • The time Amy Tan came to our local college to speak - I knew she was coming, but not when ... my gentleman friend called to let me know, & our receptionist didn't think whatever he had to say was important enough to leave me a message ... 
  • The days there are 4 or 5 choices, & I only have time/energy for 2 or 3 of them ....
Over the years, I've found it's better - for me - to prioritize, & only do what feels important, feeds my energy, delights me! Family time generally comes first; I love dance opportunities, but at the end of the week, may prefer to simply tuck in at home with a book.

When I miss something, I often find someone tells me about it, & I enjoy the event vicariously!

What feeds you? Do you find you can let go of doing 'everything?'
Just for today, find delight in all you do & are.


  1. Oh, I wish I could drop everything. I am particularly bad at scheduling every last minute.
    However, since the birth of my little grandson 6 months ago, I am getting better letting things go for cuddles and playtime.

    1. Yes, there are some things we really 'have to' do!
      Good prioritizing - aren't Grandbabies the BEST!! I watch 2 toddler granddarlings 4 mornings a week - silly, wild, cuddly, fun!

  2. i hardly can let go of everything. but i can at-least try for today.
    thanks for inspiring.

    1. So true, there are SOME things we simply must do! And it sometimes takes me awhile to decide whether I really WANT to do something (in the optional category) or not ... that's where I try to follow my instincts!
      Just for today ...