Sunday, August 11, 2019

Reiki Mastery - Teaching

A question I ask my Reiki Mastery candidates is, "are you drawn to teach Reiki, or to personal Mastery?" For some, the desire to pass on the teachings and "open the Reiki door" is strong; others are more focused on their personal journey. I've written about that more personal quest here, which lays the foundation for teaching and passing atunements. I offer both personal and teaching Mastery classes.

  • You bring "the essence of Reiki" to most situations
  • You possess a Burning Desire to share Reiki teachings
  • You have a strong Personal Reiki practice
  • You feel aligned with the Reiki Principles
  • We feel a Mutual resonance for working together
In addition to the preparation and teachings offered in the personal Mastery class, those wishing to teach Reiki are supported as they learn to offer class of their own. Mastery Teachings include:
  • Holding space and energy
  • Teaching classes - essence, form, history, treatment basics, symbols, principles
  • Learning to pass atunements for each level
  • Deeper understanding of the Reiki Principles
  • Working with the symbols 
  • Review of master symbol and use in initiations
  • Practice passing atunements
  • Master Atunement
  • Classes: preparation, class time, wrap up
  • We may do a Medicine painting for your classroom
  • Reiki journal processes
  • Closure
Outside the class
  • Reiki master circles
  • Reiki exchange
  • Audit 1st and 2nd degree classes (mine and other teachers)
  • Class outline and preparation
  • Coaching as desired
  • Have an active personal practice, self Reiki, principles, Reiki circle
  • Audit classes before teaching
  • Timing of teachings:  3 months between 1st-2nd * 1-2 years between 2nd-3rd
  • Teach for several years/ 25 - 50 classes before teaching Masters
On being a Medicine Person, from Voices of our Ancestors, Dyhani Ywahoo, "the holy person, the healer calls the people to remember their songs and resonate that pure note so that others may comes again to be in time with the great voice of truth in themselves."

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Reiki Mastery Journey - deepening

When I took First Degree thirty years ago, my teacher Analyze explained the levels, and I immediately knew I wished to learn to "open the Reiki door" for others! The next year, I began trading sessions with a nearby practitioner. I traveled to Janelle's studio, and she would come to mine. This was an excellent way to ground the teachings, as Analyse had moved out of state, and I didn't know any other practioners. 

Healing flame - Breitenbush 1993

That fall I took Reiki 2, and the following summer ('91), let Analyse know I'd like to take Reiki 3 when she most visited Oregon. She told me she was coming in early summer, so we set the date! (Yikes!!)  I was offering massage on the Healing Arts team, and they'd decided the previous fall to have the team members initiated in Reiki 1 and 2, so I was asked to offer initiation to the team after my own training. 

There were four students in our Mastery class, the others were thrilled for the opportunity to come to the sacred springs for their training. Analyse scheduled a second degree class, and assisting in that was part of our class. Like first and second Degree, the experience was magical and profound. We met in Portland a week later for Q and A and some fine tuning, and were on our way, baby Reiki Masters! 

Over the next several years, I offered classes to my team-mates on Healing Arts and to other staff members. One violinist (working on the Kitchen Team) wanted to include Reiki in her music, a man on maintenance felt it would be useful for his family, another from the Kitchen crew, remembered his dad getting off his deathbed to offer "healing hands!" ... I later began offering class for guests, and am always touched by who comes to my workshops, and what they bring. 

Stones from my Reiki Master Students

When I moved to the Oregon coast in the fall of 1994, I continued offering Reiki classes and Initiations to the community there. Linda, a fellow student in our Mastery class, visited me both at Breitenbush and the coast. I still have a dream catcher she crafted for me. After being in the mountains, and the hot-seat of process, it was soothing to be a few blocks from tee sea!

At the coast I met Anita, who had taken Reiki 1 & 2 before moving to Oregon. Anita knew she wanted "Personal Mastery," and thought Reiki might be the vessel she sought. Was I willing to take her as a student? ... Yes!  She'd experienced Reiki circles in her old home, and began facilitating them for our community. We offered several classes together, and she taught me a lot about holding space, from her experiences at the Findhorn community in Scotland.

Anita's inquiry is the beginning of the Reiki Mastery quest - 
What is your a burning desire for Mastery? Can you articulate it? 
Other questions are:
  • What has each level of Reiki brought you/taught you about yourself?
  • How does Reiki live in you?
  • What does holding energy mean to you? 
  • Can you identify places/ times you hold energy for a group or situation?
  • How do you use the energy of the symbols?
  • What core issues are you working on? 
  • How have you used Reiki help in this process? 
  • How do you see stepping into mastery benefiting the people?
Take these, and other inquiries that arise to your journal. Write, draw, pull out some magazines and do a collage ... Practice daily self Reiki, including several M/E sessions for clarity on your quest.
Engage in conversation with your Master about your sense of readiness for and the timing of the next step. Phyllis Furomoto once said, "the student then decides his or her timing for successive steps along the path."  

Phyllis also felt First Degree was sufficient in itself, and one degree isn't "better" than another - but some practitioners will feel called to deepen with Reiki. 

When possible, I encourage you to continue with the Master who initiated you in Second Degree. Complete any assignments before moving on, and your financial agreements. If you're drawn to working with someone else, I invite you to have conversations with both your previous and new Masters. If you or the master have moved, it may be more practical to study with someone else, trust Reregion to lead the way!

I've had several students who came to me for Mastery for both practical reasons and because they felt more aligned with my energy. One had taken a combo Reiki 1 and 2 class - twice!! Others had moved, and when we met, felt drawn to study with me. When in doubt, listen to your minds nice and heart as you "Sit wth it!"

Topics covered in Third Degree or Mastery include:
  • Opening circle with Red Thread
  • Sharing - Burning Desire for Mastery
  • Review of Reiki principles, history and symbols
  • Sharing experiences with symbols
  • Grounding and centering
  • Holding Energy
  • Meditation - connecting with Reiki guide
  • Reiki Master symbol - learn and practice
  • Initiation
  • Metacognition - drawing for information (no *talent* necessary!) *Red Tread
  • Align with Values - tuning in with Reiki
  • Focus - cleanse and Empower a crystal or healing tool
  • Boysen /intuition 
  • Closing circle
Reiki Mastery is a process of continuing to deepen with Reiki, and becoming clearer within oneself. As you prepare for your Reiki Mastery initiation, practice daily self-Reiki, and trade Reiki sessions with another student or your Master. 
Work with the inquires (above) and any others that arise. Is there a core issue you've been working with? Do a couple of mental/emotional sessions on the issue. Read one or two books be Reiki Masters about their journies. 
Choose a Reiki principle to focus on each day, and write Gratitudes in your journal. Treat yourself kindly, with nourishing food, good water, chi movement and plenty of rest. Avoid alcohol and other alterants as your class approaches. Choose a crystal or healing tool to bring to class and empower.

"As you become clear with your process, your form, the water around you will clear! Your teachings will come into focus/clarify, and your students will be attracted." Reiki Guides, August 1995.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Prayer flags - Red Thread Circle

I love bringing simple projects to our Red Thread Circle, and making affirmation cards or prayer flags are a couple of my favorites. In many traditions, little flags or paper or cloth are hung to send prayers, praise and blessings on the wind. 
Chakra flags - Batik fabric

We often make prayer flags for the Reiki Principles in our First Degree classes as well. This combines the energy of each principle, and can be hung to inspire us. of you'd like to bring the principles to life, this is a simple way. 

Individual Flags on brown paper bag

These are Reiki Principle  flags I created during one of my first degree classes 

Sunday, March 31, 2019

The passing of our lineage bearer

I just learned that at 7:10 AM PDT, March 31, 2019, our lineage bearer Phyllis Lei Furumoto made transition at her home, surrounded by love. The community will miss her!

I met Phyllis shortly after becoming a Reiki master, at the 1991 NW Reiki gathering at
Phyllis lei Furomoto 2019
Breitenbush Hot Springs. It was a wonderful immersion into the International Reiki community, Phyllis and the other Masters and attendees shared stories, laughter, tears and healing. We divided into small groups where we shared more stopped and exchanged Reiki. I was blessed to attend several gatherings, and played harp for a meditation Phyllis led one year.

Phyllis' path with Reiki was uneven. As a child, her grandmother Hawayo Takata initiated her in Reiki, and as a teen, into second degree. 

Phyllis commented that though her own mother grew up with Reiki, she was quick to grab the aspirin or other pharmaceutical remedies, rather than offering Reiki! After second degree, Grandmother would ask Phyllis to send her Reiki at a certain time, and let her know her response. 

Grandmother Takata wanted to initiate Phyllis as a Master, and asked her several times over the next decade + no avail. Phyllis just wasn't ready for that ... Then she turned 30. She went up on a hill, and thought about being 30 ... While we were growing up, the cold war was going on, and we were taught to hide under our desks during drills! ... Here she was,30, and she was still here! Our country was still intact ... And what was she going to do with the rest of her life? 


Hawayo Takata 1900-1980
Maybe it was time to take grandmother up on her offer, and be initiated as a Master! So she talked to Takata, who was very pleased! (Finally!) 
Phyllis was initiated at the beginning of April, 1979, and traveled with her grandmother over the next year and a half. During those travels, she met many in the Reiki community, and after Takata's death in November 1980, was recognised as the lineage bearer. 

After her grandmother's passing, Phyllis and another Master who worked with Takata those last few years, Paul Mitchell, to share teachings and insights. Paul was recognized as the keeper of the discipline. I also met Paul at those gatherings in the early 90s, and my dear friend Sheila King was my small group leader in 1992.

The past several years, I've enjoyed watching the Global Reiki Webinars, full-featured by Rachel Greenberg and Phyllis Furomoto. Last year, I participated in a small group call with Phyllis and Rachel, and a half a dozen masters from around the globe. Are the beginning and end of each call, we'd do self Reiki, and then "send" to each other and the greater community. 
For the last 40 years, Phyllis has been a way star for the Western Reiki community. She traveled to Japan, and connected with that part of our global community as well.

Blessings and thank you, Phyllis, as you journey on! 

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Reiki Intention Boxes

One of my artist friends, Karen Sue, paints each morning for 20 minutes on watercolor paper, and began making intention boxes! She's taking them to a Valentines Day event, and has a little poem about putting intentions in the box. I thought of our Reiki Boxes, what a great way to combine two intentional processes!! 

My mom used to make pretty little boxes using old Christmas cards, as shown in this
Karen Sue's intention boxes
little tutorial!  Karen has made the 
bottoms of her boxes deeper. This is an easy way to make a small box of your own, for Reiki prayers, gratuities, intentions.

I'm eager to make some of my own! 

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Reiki and EFT

My middle granddaughter, now 14, has struggled with OCD and worries for a number of years. Though off gluten since 4 (which helps!) very conscious to avoid other foods she's sensitive to, and on medication, she still struggles. 
Several years ago, my niece recommended EFT, or Emotional Freedom Technique (tapping), and last year, KK had a series of 6 sessions with a local practitioner. This was something she could do on her own, and faithfully tapped each evening before bed for several months. She also tapped before athletic events, to ease anxiety and boost performance. She's doing better, and has "one more tool" for stressful times.

EFT is an energy meridian therapy, which involves tapping on a series of meridian points on
the upper body (head, chest and hands) in a specific pattern, generally while repeating an affirmative phrase. Last fall I enrolled in an online EFT course with Graham Nichols, and I've attended several group sessions with KK's practitioner. 

In a recent conference call, Graham suggested we choose a couple of positive characteristics, and tap on them morning and evening for the next 28 days. I invite you to join in, with tapping or simply with Reiki! Some named today were:

  • Ease and Well-being
  • Love and respect
  • Love and forgiveness
  • Joy and gratitude
  • Confidence and excitement

During our call, one participant asked if combining Reiki and EFT might result in "too much" energy ... on the contrary, I feel they support each other beautifully! 

So what are some ways we can combine these two energy techniques? 

  • My EFT teacher recommends beginning and ending sessions with a simple heart activation technique, place your hands on your heart, and breathe in and out, imagining the heart being activated with refresh breath. Perfect place to activate your Reiki Hands
  • Do a Reiki self-treatment, visualize the points and silently repeat your affirmative phrase, "Now that I feel filled with energy and well being, (energy and well-being, energy and well-being, ...) I deeply love and accept myself." 
  • Tap on the Reiki principles: Today I release (worry, anger), I will (honor my teachers and elders, will show integrity) I am grateful! (Here's a short video)
  • Self-Reiki is a great tool for any practitioner, especially those who often feel drained or affected by moods of others. Try a well of self-Reiki and see how you feel! 
Second degree Practitioners and Masters:
  • Mental/Emotional - tap several rounds of your positive phrase, finish with a M/E treatment with hands on your Forehead and Occiput (draw the M/E symbol on your palms) 5+ minutes
  • Use the M/E symbol to gain insights on the core issue for yourself/a client, then tap on the issue (as specific as possible) and comps with M/E treatment (self or for client) 
  • Send (Distant) Reiki ahead to your Future Aspect and tap on a upcoming challenge
  • Empower any session for deeper healing. 
Do you include both EFT and Reiki in your healing practice? I'd love to hear your experiences and tips! 
You're invited to join the 28 day challenge!