Sunday, November 10, 2013

Prayers & Blessings

There are many ways of 'sending' Reiki over distance of space & time. This practice has been done over the centuries in many traditions.

A few years before I learned Reiki, my friend Candy G mentioned that her Cherokee Grandmother was a 'Prayer healer;' whenever she thought of someone, she immediately sent a blessing to/for them. People would often stop them on the street, to thank Grandmother for her prayers! She didn't need to know what was wrong, simply that prayers were needed!

I remember thinking "I want to do that, too!" ... and focusing on that, when I would think of it. Years before, a friend raised Catholic & I heard sirens, & she immediately sent blessings, as the Nuns had taught her. Again, I had been inspired by this, & incorporated it into my practices.

When I learned 2nd Degree Reiki, I had a new tool/vehicle for doing this.

This can be done for individuals & situations. Healer & teacher Denise Linn writes:
"When I want to send prayers to somewhere in the world, I use Google Earth to "fly" over the location . . . and then use that image to focus my prayers. It really helps! 

"For example, the typhoon in the Philippines is flattening the land and harming the people . . . so here is the Philippines in the center of the globe. Then I zoom even closer...and start pouring prayers and love in to the area."

Let us all be Prayer Healers! 

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