Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Everyday Reiki

The Reiki precepts begin kyo dake wa, just for today ...

When we have Reiki, we can invite the energy to flow into our activities and interactions throughout the day. 

While Takata awaited surgery in Dr Maeda's hospital in Tokyo, each of the meals prepared by the doctor's sister the dietician was blessed with Reiki: green tea, Rice, beans, steamed vegetables (especially carrots & beets), seaweed. As she learned Reiki herself, Mrs Takata blessed her own food and drink, and later recommended her students do the same.

Teachers in many traditions suggest blessing what we ingest, it's something we do daily, and soon becomes second nature. We can also use Reiki around the home:
  • set up an altar
  • hold seeds or herbs a minute before we plant them
  • bless a craft project we're working on
  • sweep the floor
  • play a musical instrument
  • atune to objects as we decide whether to keep them, or pass them on
In addition to doing sessions on ourselves, our pets and each other, we can use Reiki to clear, bless and Tune the land!  I love this process learned from my Flower Essence Friend Molly Sheehan  - Reiki enhances the tuning, but this can be done by ANYONE! 

* I tacked a slip of paper up on my fridge with a quick summary of the process - & often just step outside & ask that the Angels, Masters, Elemntals & Devas 'CLEANSE, CLEAR, RE-BALANCE & ILLUMINATE' my land!
We can also visualize sending Reiki blessings into the earth when we walk on the land, or traverse labyrinth. When we light a candle or write a note.

Kayleen and Emily on the Columbia River

Another simple daily practice - use your breath plus visualization to enhance your sense of calm and vitality. Practices like yoga and Qigong often include conscious breath as a vehicle for becoming present.  
Imagine filling your body with love, peace, calm, health. You can place your hands on your heart, or heart and belly, and envision love filling you with each inhale and exhale for a few minutes. 
I offer a longer Breath of Reiki process here, and ideas on using Reiki with EFT.

My daughter, who took classes with me 20 years ago, says she sends Reiki when she hears an ambulance, and when animals or kid's are upset,  sits and beams soothing calm.

In our Red Thread Reiki classes, I have my students create Reiki Principle cards or Prayer Flags, with a simple illustration on the front, and the principle of the back. You can string the flags where you can see them, or choose a card to work with each day or perhaps for a week. 
Principe Flags, Gratitude tree, Medicine Basket

In an interview between lineage keeper Phyllis Furomoto and another Master of Japanese descent, Barbara Matsuura, they affirm that, 'Every student has within them their own truth,' and each of us can learn from others. 

Barbara added, "Just sit & Be. Be the Reiki - don't try, just Be it!' 



  1. I like Barbara's quote, "Just sit & Be. Be the Reiki - don't try, just Be it!"
    It reminds me of another quote, "sometimes I sits and thinks, sometimes, I just sits."

    1. My mother-in love used to say that!! Served her well, she was 103 when she passed!

  2. What a beautiful explanation. I have never fully understood Reiki - I would like to... I have received an in-person reiki treatment and again, don't fully get it though I do really enjoy and share your philosophies! Great to "meet" you!

    1. Reiki is often described as "Universal life energy" - and yes, often offered in the form of treatments. And it can be used to fully understand!

      I like to think of myself as the "jumper cables" to that Universal battery - if you need a "charge," you draw the energy, with me as the conduit (not the source!) of the energy! And - the energy fills my battery as well, so I may feel more energy after a session, too.
      Great to meet you as well!

  3. I know nothing about Reiki, but like the idea of blessing what we ingest.

    1. It's a great practice!
      I really don't know anything about Reiki when I met my teacher in 1989. I attended her talk on astrology, and when she mentioned Reiki energy was useful for healing, and she was giving a class soon, I was on board! As a massage therapist, I took several classes for CE each year, and I've never regretted signing up for that one!

  4. I like your description of the Reiki energy and ways to use it other than in treatments. I'm glad to be reminded of it, too! I can't imagine why I'd ever forget to use it, but sometimes I do.

    1. We do forget, don't we?!
      I'm so glad you stopped by, Jeanine! I wrote this post thinking of my student this week, and additional options for use. Among other things, she is ordained as a minister, and leads labyrinth walks, so I wanted to list some of the many ways it can be used to enhance our vitality, our lives.
      At her request, we included some EFT, and I passed on your suggestion of using Reiki over the points, (as an option for tapping on then) so we'll see how that goes.

  5. This is very timely as we are all so stressed out by the pandemic and politics.