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Nadya King, Reiki Master
For generation upon generation, seekers in every tradition have visited temples and holy places to receive guidance and instruction from Shamans, Healers and Master teachers, to activate their talents and special gifts. Under this tutelage, each student is given the opportunity to raise their vibration, and effect positive change in both the self and those around the initiate. Reiki is one form of these ancient initiation and teachings.

Raised in a family with "healing hands," I began giving my mom back and "foot rubs"  at about 5. Three decades later, during my training to become a massage therapist, Mama told me I was always more sensitive to what was sore than my Dad.

In 1989, I was blessed to meet my Reiki Master, Analyse Chamberlain, and begin my Reiki journey. From that first class, I felt called to «open the Reiki Door» for others. Already practicing message, I had long felt "something more" than physical healing was possible and necessary. 

In 1991, that dream was realized, and in early summer at beautiful Breitenbush Hot Springs, a small group and I were initiated into Reiki Mastery. I attended the NW Reiki gathering in the summer, where I met lineage bearer Phyllis Lei Furomoto, and began offering classes in the fall for staff, and later guests. Reiki is a great foundation for other healing modalities, and adds a special touch to music and creativity.

During my 1983 training in massage therapy, my mentor suggested I take Tai Chi, as it was a powerful lifelong movement form. Qi movement enhances one's life force, and leads to better mental and spiritual health. 

My first Tai Chi Master, Maria Wen Yen Liu, began each lesson with the 'warm up exercises' she'd learned at her father's side in China ... Qigong! I've had the good fortune of studying several forms over the past four decades, and Qigong has become my favorite morning practice.

Living and working on Healing Arts at Breitenbush, I was again blessed to study with healers and mentors from many traditions and backgrounds, including Wheels of Light author Rosalyn Bruyere, Egypt scholar Nicky Scully, ethetic healer Eric Vormanns, Lightwork teacher Amorah Quan Yin, and many others.

As an artist, and calligrapher, I love using rice paper and Sumi for practicing the symbol glyphs during Reiki 1 and 2 classes. During my Color of Woman teacher training in 2015, we were asked to develop courses from a place of Soul Work. I realized that the use of creativity infused with intention aligns beautifully with passing the Reiki Light, and began offering Red Thread Reiki coaching and classes.

"King? Did you hear that? The Hands of a healer, I say." - Return of the King, JRR Tolkien

Offering  classes which open the door for your own well being, via Reiki and Qigong, is my great joy, and a precious gift. If you have any questions, please contact me!

Reiki Lineage:
Mikeo Usui
Chijuro Hayashi
Hawaii Takata - 1938
Phyllis Lei Furomoto - 1979
Florence O'Neil
Jerry Farley
Analyse Chamberlain
Nadya king -1991

You may glimpse Nadya sipping tea with the Midnight Musé, covered in faïry dust as she wanders through her overgrown garden, floating through the farmers market, or out dancing in her Magical Slippers! 

Email Ladyharp1@gmail.com

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