Saturday, December 7, 2013


I love finding *new* (to me!) information & sites about Reiki. & revisiting *old* favorites.

Here are a few:

My dear friend Margo Vance-Borland is a healer & Reiki Master in Corvallis, Oregon. Margo also studied Reiki with Takata in 1973, and became a Reiki Master in 1994. She offers sessions & classes in Corvallis & at her beautiful Seichim Center, West of the town.

John Harvey Grey was the third of 22 Reiki Masters initiated by Hawayo Takata (in 1976), & taught well into his 90s! The John Harvey Grey Center For Reiki Healing has some lovely articles, a Facebook page, & online newsletter. Though John passed in 2011, the Center he founded still offers training on the East Coast.

Several months ago my friends met Portland Reiki Master Michelle Garnier Winkler at the Body/ Mind/ Spirit Expo, & were impressed with her warmth & joy. She offers sessions & classes at her center in Portland, Oregon.

I studied Reiki in 1989, & became a Reiki Master in the spring of 1991. I've taught Reiki since that time, & love 'opening the Reiki door' for people of all ages!  My site, Ladyharper, offers information on my sessions, classes, flower essences, & music.

Sheila King was my small group leader at the NW Reiki Gathering in 1992, & I have been blessed to call her friend for over 20 years. Her work spans Reiki, Aura Soma, Lightweaving, the Reconnection. A gifted healer & teacher, Sheila is a treasure! I studied Lightweaving with her last summer, & love 'weaving' a bit at the end of a session!

For the last 10 or so years, JoAnn Albright has been my Qigong Mentor & Teacher. JoAnn teaches several styles, having studied for years herself. My most recent work was learning 5 Element Standing Stake, & being certified to teach this form. Qigong is another way to tap/attune to the healing universal energy, & a beautiful complement to Reiki.

Just for today - honor your parents, teachers, elders & way-showers.

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