Saturday, December 28, 2013

Self Care 101

I've been participating in Catherine Basu's '12 Days of Fitness Challenge, & today, Tonya Lynette shared an article on Mind Body Green list 10 tips for a Healthier Life
I've adapted the tips a bit, with suggestions for integrating Reiki into these practices.

1. Move more. Regardless of your age, your brain and body expect and require movement for health. Movement exerts its effects on the brain through several mechanisms, including neurogenesis (the creation of new neurons), mood enhancement, and endorphin release. Do some form of exercise that significantly raises your heart rate for 30 minutes at least four times a week.
Incorporate Qi/Chi building movement several times weekly as well - 3 Palms Rising is a simple beginning! Remember also to break up your sitting and move frequently during the day.
2. Get more sleep. Sleep is often the single most undervalued behavior in our lives, and one with immediate power to improve our experience in every waking moment. If you get six or fewer hours of sleep most nights, aim for one more hour of sleep on average — it will leave you feeling more physically energized, emotionally resilient, and mentally clear.
You may find, as you integrate Reiki & perhaps Qigong into your daily routines, that you need less sleep. My qigong teacher generally sleeps about 5 hours a night! A Chinese Qigong teacher commented that his mentors also slept fewer hours at night, but took a nap if they felt like it! So pay attention to what YOUR body seems happiest with!
3. Eat less, more often. Food is fuel, and real food — lean proteins and vegetables/fruits (complex carbohydrates) — are high-octane fuel. You’re best off when you eat in small doses throughout the day, beginning with breakfast.
Drink more pure water, green & herb teas. Remember to bless your food and drink with Reiki as you prepare and serve it.
4. Remove interference.  Reiki and Massage can literally change your life, and enable you to a pain-free existence, full of energy and vitality. Reiki and massage help eliminate pain and inflammation, reduce fatigue, and restore normal nerve flow to all your organs — giving you the energy, drive, and peace of mind to go out and live life more fully.
Daily self-Reiki & periodic Reiki exchanges/ Reiki circle attendance grant deep and long lasting change.
4 Elements Yoga Studio
5. Renew more. Human beings are not designed to work continuously. We’re meant to alternate
between moving (spending energy) and resting or doing Qi building exercises (renewing energy).
Ideally, take a break every 90 minutes, even if only to spend a minute or two stretching, doing Qigong, self-Reiki, or breathing deeply. It  all adds up.
6. Be present. The greatest gift you can give someone is your undivided attention. After all, it’s better to be fully present with someone for an hour than physically present, but distracted, for multiple hours. Shut off your phone at a certain time each dayand practice being present with your family and friends. If you find yourself feeling scattered, do a few minutes of Self-Reiki.
7. Give thanks. We’re far quicker to notice what’s wrong in our lives than we are what’s right. To help change this mindset, once a week aim to write a note of appreciation to someone who deserves it, telling the person precisely what you’re grateful for. Take time at the end of the day to reflect on your gratitudes.
8. Do the most important thing first. Early in the morning, you’re likely to have the most energy, and the fewest distractions. This is a perfect time for a 10-40 minute Self-Reiki treatment. Begin your workday by focusing without interruption on the most important or difficult task you can accomplish that day.
9. Keep learning. Our brains work better if we challenge them, and life becomes more interesting when we do. Reading books is a simple and surefire way to learn and grow, but so is building a daily practice around learning a new language, a sport, an instrument, or around how to fix a car, or draw. As you're learning, utilize Reiki's gift for simplifying the learning process, & integrating new information.
10. Give back. Lending a helping hand not only aids others in need, it’s also very rewarding. Throughout the year, aim to take some time to add value to the world at large by supporting charities, standing up for great causes, or giving back to your community. Volunteering to do Reiki for events & groups is a wonderful way to share your gifts.
Just for today, Reiki for the self first, then for friends, family & community!

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