Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Hawayo Takata!

This beautiful December day, with sun shining bright, I wish to honor teacher Hawayo Takata, who was born on Dec 24!

Hawayo Takata
"It all began as dawn was just breaking over the Garden Isle of Kauai. The day would be Christmas Eve, 1900. In the home of a young Japanese couple, a mid-wife was helping the young mother deliver her third child. Many young people had come from Japan to this island of flowers to work in the flourishing cane industry, and this family was living in the village of Hanamaulu, near Lihue.
... when the mother looked at that tiny, squirming, wailing bit of humanity, she thought to herself, 'if she is ever to amount to very much, she must have a very big name.' Then the idea came to her to name her after the Big Island, Hawaii, changing the last letter to 'O' because girls names ended in O.'
... 'Give her a bath and wrap her in a new blanket. Then face her to the sun, put your hand on her head and say three times, 'I NAME YOU HAWAYO,' and then say 'Success, success, success.'"
Fran Brown, Living Reiki, Hawayo Takata's teachings.

Throughout her life, from the age of 37 to her death at 80, Hawayo Takata generously shared the gift of Reiki with the West & much of the world. Her legacy lives on in the thousands upon thousands of Reiki practitioners and teachers who continue to share Reiki with their friends, families and clients!

Just for today, let us honor Hawayo Takata, & thank her for the gift of Reiki!

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