Saturday, January 4, 2014

January Reiki I Class

Tomorrow's the day - the beginning of the Reiki journey for 7-8 new students!
What will they be learning?

  • Basic 'hands-on' treatment
  • Self-treatment options
  • Attunement to Reiki - which is a lifelong tool! 
  • History & traditions
  • Reiki principles & Zen Funeral
  • Simple practices which may be integrated into daily life
  • Q & A time at both class sessions, with time between to practice
  • How to treat yourself and loved ones (including pets)
  • Treating injuries and accidents with Reiki
  • Use of Reiki pre & post surgery to reduce tension and pain, and support the healing process
  • Scan the person receiving treatment, 'Boysen,' and begin perceive areas of reduced vitality flow.
  • Appreciate how attitudes can create dis-ease in the mind and emotions, and how the physical body might be affected.
  • Energize food & liquids with Reiki
  • Use Reiki as part of a spiritual practice
Each student will receive Handouts & Heart & Hands of Healing Flower Essence bouquet for reference & to support each student's learning and healing journey.

Tomorrow's class is the first of two sessions, the second will be Sunday January 19. The next Reiki I class will be in March or April - won't you join us?

1 comment:

  1. What a wonderful time we had together!
    We had 6 students & 5 'Refreshing' with Reiki, and it was fun to observe students blossoming as they realized they COULD feel /experience something different! We'll practice over the next 2 weeks, & come together again January 19 for the second part of Reiki I.

    Today I am grateful to my students & Reiki Friends for sharing a lovely afternoon with me. Blessings!