Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Essence Bouquet: Healing Heart and Hands

In the Flower Essence Repertory, Patricia Kaminsky & Richard Katz write: In selecting appropriate essences, one can start with the positive goal, and then uncover the emotional or mental pattern which blocks the purpose. Likewise, one ith the client's pattern of imbalance or suffering, and then determine the positive quality which needs to be developed." 

This applies when choosing an individual essence, or formulating a bouquet

I find essences often 'present' themselves to be included in bouquets, as soon as I set the intention of what I wish to address, both positive goals, & blocks to achieving that goal. Here are the flowers for 'Healing Heart & Hands'

Ajuga: In the early 90s, my friend Kimberly made this essence, & gave this description: "Release fears around giving healing touch; energy for healing."
Calendula: Ground & nourish all levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. I AM one with Sister Earth.
Pikake (Jasmine): I AM centered in the sacred fire.
Plumaria: Connect with traditions, brings awareness of family roots. Restores spiritual integrity. 
Red Shamrock: Donna Cunningham made this one: "New Spark Plugs."
St Joan's Wort: Shield of light, illuminated consciousness. I AM the light of God.

Molly Sheehan of Green Hope Farm Essences: "Each kind of flower essence is a high frequency electrical solution imprinted with the Divine Wisdom and energetic vibrational pattern of a particular flower.  ... When our electrical systems are challanged by the learning lessons of our daily life, they can sometimes overload, short circuit or shut down. ... Flower essences offer our systems an alternative way to vibrate." 

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