Thursday, January 2, 2014


Only 3 days 'till we meet for our Reiki I class - are you ready?

I've been working on the class materials, & printed the hand-outs, which I'll copy tomorrow. It's been fun putting some of the information I've been blogging about into document format, and deciding what to include in your packets.

We are now up to 8 students, and at least 5 who intend to audit! I'll send a Group Message on Facebook, with the address.

A couple of students have asked 'how to decide' where they fit on the sliding scale. Since I began teaching Reiki in the fall of 1991, I've wanted to make Reiki initiation available to anyone who felt called to do the work. I've also realized, like Hawayo Takata, that there needed to be an 'energy exchange' for students to value the teachings.

In her stories about Reiki, Takata shared that as she began teaching Reiki (in the late 30s), she wanted to initiate friends & family at no charge, but was discouraged from doing so by her teacher, Hayashi. She decided to go ahead with several initiations, but quickly found that her students (neighbors and friends) didn't trust their own abilities, and wanted HER to do the healings!

For reference, my own first Degree class, in 1989, was $125-, which was in line with other 2 day workshops I took at that time. The sliding scale helps bring balance, with students who can afford higher tuition support the training of those who don't have the means. Gift Certificates may also be applied to Reiki Classes. 

Just for today, be kind to others

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