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Byosen - sensing energy

In The Hayashi Reiki Manual, Petters writes, "The Japanese and Western Reiki schools differ in one central way. In Western Reiki we are taught that Reiki is "intelligent' & that it will find its way to the areas in the body that need it the most. Of course this seems true but it is only half the truth. The other half is that the body wants Reiki and will let the practitioner know where and how it wants to be touched. This happens through what Japanese Reiki practitioners call 'Byosen.' " (P. 37)

 The five levels are described as:
  • Warmth - heat slightly higher than body temperature.
  • Strong heat
  • Tingling - generally felt in the hands & fingers, it may ebb and flow several times over the course of the session.
  • Pulse-like sensation - Hibiki or a pulse-like feeling 'indicates that you can actually feel the Reiki stimulating blood vessels. .. The blood circulation is activated and blood flows more smoothly.'
  • Pain - felt when the problem is more serious. The pain may move from your palm, to wrist & up the arm. As pain eases, tingling generally eases as well. 'Taking your hands off the client can easily relieve this pain. If the pain is too intense, take your hands off the body and shake them out several times before replacing them to recommence the treatment.' 
With serious illness, it is ideal to treat the person daily for at least an hour, rotating with other practitioners when possible. Mrs Takata often trained family members so that they could continue the treatments at home. A 'Reiki Blitz' of an hour or two of daily treatments for at least a month has turned many serious ailments around!

Of course when someone is seriously ill, we ideally work within a 'team' of health care providers, who are monitoring the client/ patient's health! Reiki is complementary to all other modalities, & can support whatever treatment the client chooses.

Exercises for feeling Byosin
Gently rub your hands together, then hold them about an inch apart, then stop & sense the feeling between them. Separate them a bit, and again, halt at about 2"  - can you still feel something? Continue moving your hands away, & and halting, till the sensation becomes too week to feel. Play with the 'sponge' of energy between your hands, move them together again, in slow motion, stopping along the way, until your palms are together. Stay for a couple of minutes with your hands in Gassho or prayer position.

Play with an 'energy ball,' holding your hands about a foot apart, move the ball in gentle circles. Play with moving your hands farther apart, closer together. Move in figure 8s. When you're finished, you can place this 'ball' of energy into your belly (Tan Dien) or on an area of your body that needs energized. End by bringing your hands into Gassho.

Practice feeling Byosen daily, perhaps just before or after your self-Reiki treatment. You can also begin your personal session by taking a moment to feel your body, do you notice anything that needs extra attention today?

Partner exercises: Share your experiences after exercises.

Sit facing your partner, with your palms touching. After a minute, begin to slowly move your hands apart, stopping at an inch, two inches, moving your hands farther & farther back. Hold for a bit at each stopping point. Then gradually move your hands closer & closer, until they are again touching. Remain with palms touching for a couple of minutes, then bring your hands back into Gassho.

Standing: Stand facing each other, palms touching. Move slowly away from each other, until you're about 3' apart. Extend both palms, facing those of your partner, & sense their energy. Feel the space between & around your partner, & where your energy touches. Gradually move farther away, until the feeling is very faint or disappears. Then move slowly back toward your partner, & end with palms touching.
Next time you practice, see if you can move a bit farther back. Years ago in a massage workshop, one partner was blindfolded during a similar exercise, & asked to indicate when they felt someone who had been moving toward them!

You can also play with feeling the energy in pets, with food, whole fruits and vegetables ... begin to see what you can feel about how something was grown. Will it nourish you? What about other foods? Take a moment at the market to sense which items hold the most energy for you today.

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