Monday, December 16, 2013


Mrs Takata often told her students 'Hands on, Reiki on!' emphasising the simplicity of engaging the Reiki energy. I liken it to charging a battery, if a battery is low, when you attach it to a charger, it 'draws' the energy it needs through the cord or jumper cables. When you take it off the charger, it no longer draws energy.
Denise Linn - 'Flow'

When we place our 'Reiki Charged' hands on someone needing energy, they draw the energy through us - 'Hands on, Reiki on!' When we take our hands off, they no longer 'draw' energy. (In second degree, we learn to consciously 'send' Reiki across distance of space & time, but the focus in First Degree is hands on work.)

Mrs Takata also suggested eating simple food, full of vitality, in the hospital, she likely received simple Japanese fare - rice, steamed vegetables, Miso soup, fresh water & green tea.

When preparing to receive Initiation into Reiki, students are encouraged to simplify, to eat consciously, healthy fresh food where possible. To drink a bit more water (which helps our human batteries retain their charge) & perhaps green or herbal teas. If you commonly drink coffee, perhaps cut back a bit, & refrain from alcohol. 

I will offer Reiki 1 January 5 & 19 (2 sessions) 2014. Contact me if you're interested in attending! 

Just for today, simplify!

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