Friday, October 25, 2013

Just for today - Do not anger

How do you deal with Anger?
I know I often get 'sad' rather than 'angry' .... & need to tune in to find my true emotion.
Do you have healthy outlets for anger? With the toddlers, we're always encouraging 'Use your WORDS' .... Do you allow anger to infuse your day, & interfere with harmonious interactions? Are there times you need to set better boundaries? Do you turn anger inward, into ill health? Or talk about it, when it's not productive? 'Do not Anger' reminds us not to carry Anger as a burden!

Takata told several stories of dealing with anger - her dealings with Sadie, who seemed to see Takata as someone to take advantage of - till Takata put her foot down, & told Sadie "See these stairs? They go up, or down ... I want you to go down them, & not come up again!!"

Another time, when workmen brought their anger from another job to her Reiki House, she asked them to leave, & come back when they felt better. "This is my Reiki house! Every day, I touch the walls & send them love." The foreman later told her that was the best lesson he'd ever received - they remembered to carry 'focus on THIS job' with them to their other sites.

The Qigong exercise 'Punching with Angry Eyes' is a good one for discharging anger. Choose a point of focus (a tree is excellent - it actually BENEFITS from this exercise!) Feet about shoulder width apart, knees bent. Fists are at your hips, like holding reins (palm up) Turn your fist as you punch straight out from the shoulder - exhale with each punch, alternating fists. Punch 16 times (8 with each fist) This expels spent chi from the liver, & 'resets' your field.
After the exercise, thank the tree, & take a moment to appreciate how you feel.

And if you've done all you can about a situation, can you let it go? This Abraham clip is a great aide for moving on!

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