Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Honor your Parents, Teachers & Elders

I honor the elders come to study Reiki with me. It's such a blessing when I observe those with more life experience choosing to embrace skills that will subtly & powerfully influence their families, their communications, their way of being in the world.

I honor my own parents, for being open minded & open hearted, for sharing family wisdom & teachings, for exampling a good way of being in the world. My mother's family passed down a gift of healing touch, my father a gift of music.

I honor the children who teach me, snuggle me, enjoy the harp, giggle, accept Reiki 'fairy magic'as a birthright. The young elders, who live & breathe joy & wonder at being in these lovely physical bodies, this wonderful world, this precious life!

I honor the teachers in my life past, present, future. My dear piano teacher, Marion Coe, who shared a love of music with lots of technique & theory to give a good foundation. I honor my Reiki mentors, Analyse, Sheila, Karen. I honor my Qigong mentors, Maria, JoAnn., my massage mentor Jeanne,  etheric teacher Eric. And all my Reiki Students, who teach me as well.

I honor myself, for the choices I make, the responsibilities I take, the Joy I call in, the opportunities for change & uplifting those around me.

At times, we are offered Hard lessons - it's not as easy to say 'thank you' to the teachers, the life experiences that come our way - our survival of these lessons strengthens us & gives us compassion for others faced with similar challanges.

Just for today, honor those way showers who have paved the way for our learning, our being the best we can be.

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