Thursday, March 25, 2021

Cutting Cords

 An inquiry arose in a online Reiki community recently on fielding communication from a former client, several years after their therapeutic relationship ended, which no longer felt beneficial or appropriate. Suggestions from the community included both setting / reinforcing boundaries, and perhaps a need for cutting cords. 

Some of my teachers and fellow healers have offered techniques which can be used when it feels that cutting cords is in order. This practice includes teachings from several of them, and can be adapted as you feel the need.

Middle Mea Meadow Pool - Breitenbush

If you've taken Second Degree, you can include Mental-Emotional and distant Reiki. 

  • Sit in a quiet, safe space, ground yourself, and see your aura bubble shining bright around you, bring your hands to Gassho (prayer position.)
  • Invite your Reiki guides to support and guide you in this process.
  • Ask that any clearing be for your and the other's highest good, and that it be a gracious, gentle process.
  • Scan your body, where do you feel the cord(s)? The solar plexus is common - and check behind you, as cords connecting to your past may be there.
  • Do you get an image? It may feel like a thick rope or cable, or like a tentacle. 
  • You may or may not know who it's attached to (either is fine)
  • Take your hand, detach the cord(s) and push it/them out of your field, out of your bubble, imagine this happening behind you as well.
  • Take a couple of breaths, and ask if there is anything more to clear at this time.
  • My teacher Amorah called gold our "self affinity" color, and invited us to imagine beautiful gold light coating the "wound" left from clearing the cord - this helps fill the gap and not leave a blank space. 
  • Imagine roses outside your aura between you and the other, transmutating the energy held in the cord, and further protecting your field. This helps block further cording. 
  • Make a statement of release, of gratitude to your guides, and perhaps say to the other, "I return your healing to you."  
  • Place one Hand on your heart, the other on your solar plexus, (or other areas as drawn), sit for a few minutes more, and enjoy /observe your cleared energy. 
  • This is a good time to use the Mental-Emotional symbol, and invite insights and compete healing.
  • When ready, open your eyes and notice three things in the room. Ground yourself, and imagine mama Gaia welcoming any released energy as compost. 
  • Sweep your hands from just above your head, over the back of your neck, down your sides, and click your fingers, imagining anything extra being released into the earth. Repeat at least three times.
  • Bless and drink a glass of water, and write about your experience in your Reiki Journal. Drink extra water, allow about 48 hours for continued healing and insights.
  • Perhaps go outside and take a walk or ground with a tree!
  • You may be drawn to do some movement to reinforce the clearing, Dancing your aura egg, as if you were in a beautiful soap bubble at arm's width, all around you is a simple, fun option.
  • Take a bath with Epsom salts (plus essential oils and flower essences if you wish) to support your refreshed field and boundaries.

For the next several days, take time in the morning to ground yourself, imagining roots from your belly/ Dan tien and from the center of each foot going into the core of the earth. Define your aura bubble, perhaps adding a rose in front, behind and in both sides; and invite your guides to help clarify and refine your energy.  

One of my fellow healers "saw" a cording, and told me, "you know how to clear it!" Then warned that I might unexpectedly see the person I was cutting an the tie with, and to be prepared to reinforce the energetic shift! "Be polite, but keep it braid, and don't get sucked in, if you don't want to!"'

Another mentioned that she imagined putting on light bracelets and anklets when she was doing addiction counselling, and had several clients she perceived as emotional vampires. She reported a couple of them turned  quickly to face her, asking what she'd just done! Smile ... 

Just for today, be Grateful

You may be drawn to do a land tuning to support your energy, and/or to smudge and bless your house - keep listening! And thank your guides for the insights! 

In the evening, take a few minutes to sit on the edge  of your bed, and collect your energy from around you. Bring your hands to your Dan tien, and breathe into your belly. Invite your Reiki guides tip heal and bless you as you sleep. 

Do you have other tips for clearing cords?

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