Sunday, August 11, 2019

Reiki Mastery - Teaching

A question I ask my Reiki Mastery candidates is, "are you drawn to teach Reiki, or to personal Mastery?" For some, the desire to pass on the teachings and "open the Reiki door" is strong; others are more focused on their personal journey. I've written about that more personal quest here, which lays the foundation for teaching and passing atunements. I offer both personal and teaching Mastery classes.

  • You bring "the essence of Reiki" to most situations
  • You possess a Burning Desire to share Reiki teachings
  • You have a strong Personal Reiki practice
  • You feel aligned with the Reiki Principles
  • We feel a Mutual resonance for working together
In addition to the preparation and teachings offered in the personal Mastery class, those wishing to teach Reiki are supported as they learn to offer class of their own. Mastery Teachings include:
  • Holding space and energy
  • Teaching classes - essence, form, history, treatment basics, symbols, principles
  • Learning to pass atunements for each level
  • Deeper understanding of the Reiki Principles
  • Working with the symbols 
  • Review of master symbol and use in initiations
  • Practice passing atunements
  • Master Atunement
  • Classes: preparation, class time, wrap up
  • We may do a Medicine painting for your classroom
  • Reiki journal processes
  • Closure
Outside the class
  • Reiki master circles
  • Reiki exchange
  • Audit 1st and 2nd degree classes (mine and other teachers)
  • Class outline and preparation
  • Coaching as desired
  • Have an active personal practice, self Reiki, principles, Reiki circle
  • Audit classes before teaching
  • Timing of teachings:  3 months between 1st-2nd * 1-2 years between 2nd-3rd
  • Teach for several years/ 25 - 50 classes before teaching Masters
On being a Medicine Person, from Voices of our Ancestors, Dyhani Ywahoo, "the holy person, the healer calls the people to remember their songs and resonate that pure note so that others may comes again to be in time with the great voice of truth in themselves."

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