Monday, February 27, 2017


Accidents, surgeries, stress and trauma contribute to feelings of imbalance and being out of synch, what if that could change? We have many examples of Reiki bringing just such changes, for thousands of people! 

We now know that our bodies contain the same matter as
stars, and that the state of our body electric affects the whole system. Trauma registers in the body's energy field, and energy healing is out most effective tool for clearing that trauma.

I've been using calibrated tuning forks on combination with Reiki, both on the body and in the energy field, for over a decade, and find the results profound. Changes in the field ripple over to bring emotional and mental balance, in addition to physical ease and healing. Often old relationship patterns shift, and we come into allotment with our soul purpose!

Like Reiki, Tune-Up / Recalibration sessions are most effective when scheduled as a series of sessions. 
My Recalibration Medicine Basket includes:
  • Reiki (hands on and Mental/emotional)
  • Lightweaving
  • Chakra chants
  • Crystals
  • Calibrated tuning forks 
  • Coaching within the Spiral
  • Personal flower essence bouquet
The individual series may be followed by a Business Reboot, to align both the client and their business with their Highest good.

Are you ready for Recalibration

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