Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Protection and Reiki

A question students often ask is, "do we need to protect ourselves when offering a Reiki session?" Well, no, ... yes, ... maybe! 

No: In general, Reiki is"self adjusting," flowing where it needs to, in exactly the right amount, for both the practitioner and the receiver. Anything released returns to the earth and elements as energy. Reiki also recharges the giver during the session!

Yes: Some individuals tend to take on others' energy more readily than others. Do you get easily fatigued in a large group? Are you sensitive to outside energies in everyday life? Try some of these suggestions, and observe what works best for YOU! 

Intention: Taking a few minutes before and after a session to focus in and set your intention are a lovely addition, whether you think of them as "protection," or simply something you do! You may also notice that your daily self-Reiki practice brings balance, and will help you develop clear boundaries.

Healer and empath Daphné Kaufmann has written a beautiful blog post on some of her favorite practices, and suggests choosing one or more from each category which appeal. I've added several of hers to ones I've use, and you may have some of your own. You can use these practices in conjunction with sessions, and the "basics" of grounding and angels/colors at any time! 
Reiki vortex

Before Session
  • Eat lightly/ avoid alcohol etc when you plan to give a treatment
  • Invite the Reiki guides to assist (Usui, Hayashi, Takata) 
  • Invite Grace Elohim (iridescent white) & AA Michael (blue, sword of truth)
  • Ground yourself 
  • Walk clockwise around the room, dedicating it to the Reiki session
  • Reiki 2: imagine power symbol above your head, and as a portal in front of you, which you step into. (Reiki 1: imagine stepping into this Reiki vortex)
  • State client's name and intention that this session be for their highest good
  • Ground client's feet, and re-ground yourself
  • Scan your client, and imagine the power symbol /Reiki balancing any issues you have which "match" theirs, any time during the session
  • Invite Grace Elohim and AA Raphael to assist (iridescent white and healing green)
  • If you feel pain during a session, it's often a "clue" to your client's pain, and when you move to the area, it will clear. You can invite St Germaine's violet flame to clear it from your field. 
  • Sweep at the end, and "hand" anything to be transmitted to the angels assisting.
  • Return the client's healing to them (Gassho bow _/|\_ )
  • Thank the Reiki guides and angels
  • Check in with client, share insights/experiences
  • Closure with client
  • "Sweep" room energetically with hands, shake the "dust" out the window or door, you can also sweep physically 
  • Spritz with lemon essential oil, smudge, burn incense, "Reiki smudge" with power symbol
  • Reground, several deep breaths
  • Journal about the session, tips for the future, insights for the client
  • Light a candle and take a Bath in salt water & Epsom salts
  • Do a full or chakra balance self-Reiki session
An attitude of love, kindness and gratitude, combined with a regular Self-Reiki practice, are our best protection. 

Blessings on your practice, I'd love to hear any of your tips and insights!


  1. I've never had a reiki session, but I'm more into the idea of it now.

    I think the first sentence is a bit garbled.

    1. Oh, I'm glad! I love Reiki, both giving and receiving. Thank you!! Silly spell check, I'll edit it!!

  2. Those were amazing suggestions! Things I often don't think of but will now. I love the idea of stepping into a symbol. You know what else I like, too? Walking one! But I also like the idea of a Reiki Smudge because I always use smokeless strategies. I'm going to bookmark this page!

    1. Oh, thank you, Anna Jeanine! Yes, I like imagining blessings on my feet when I remember! I loved your post on altars myself!