Monday, April 25, 2016

Clearing Old Stories

What stories run your life?
Can you imagine learning ways to identify and clear the ones which no longer serve?
Can you feel into living unrestrained by the old patterns?

Reiki and the soulful story process offer you that opportunity! Many of us live with past beliefs and old responses, which keep us from living the lives we long for. When we bring those old stories to light, we have a Golden opportunity to change the script. Reiki and Intentional Creativity alchemise the transformation, making a path for true change.

The Reiki principles offer a set of guidelines which can help us define core values and 
Soulful Story Cards
change the stories. Adapting them from 
principles set forth by the Meiji emperor, Reiki founder Mikeo Usui offered these ideals to his students:
For today only

  • Anger not 
  • Worry not
  • With appreciation do work
  • To others be kind
  • Show gratitude

Reiki and Intentional Creativity offer many tools for personal growth and positive shifts. By combining the Reiki principles and the soulful story process, initiates are guided to identify old stories and beliefs, then find personal antidotes to each. Using your own medicine, color and watercolor paper,  you craft a set of affirmation and principle cards unique to you and your stories. 

The soulful story process is included in Red Thread Reiki 1, and is offered as a separate teaching. 
Just for today, ...

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  1. Choosing the great stories is a crucial component.

    1. Yes!! Some of our old stories are awesome, while others remind us of what we DON'T want!!

  2. Amazing how connected I feel to what you're talking about in this post! The work we do is so similar. Or the underpinnings of it, I should say. Which makes me feel good about people hearing the message with so many wonderful messengers out there!

    Jeanine Byers
    The Storybook Healing Blog

    1. I feel the same when I read your posts, Jeanine! Such similar work, different modes of expression, perhaps, but the same intention/focus!!

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