Thursday, June 25, 2015

Reiki II

The Second degree or "Oku Den" training expands your Reiki practice in many ways, including tools to:
  • offer Reiki over distance of space & time
  • enhance and deepen your hands-on Reiki practice
  • harmonize mind & emotions
  • bring more ease to learning new skills
  • bring the power of Reiki to lifes challenges
  • bless your food, drink, home 
  • begin or continue your Reiki Journal
  • work more consciously with the Reiki guides
During the Second degree class, students learn three Reiki symbols (Yantras) & the accompanying words (Mantras) and receive another initiation. It's helpful to revisit these tips several weeks before the initiation.

Like my Reiki master, Analyse, Dr Hayashi used the image of a muddy stream when explaining the natural clearing process - water may look clear, but there's mud under the surface. Flushing this, or removing the mud on the top, the stream will appear to clear, but there will still be mud ... repeat the process, eventually the stream will clear. So it is with the body, with toxins. Reiki I has begun this clearing process. 

Second degree training expands but does not replace your hands-on practice. Daily hands-on self-treatment continues to be the foundation practice. Second degree training gives you options to add to your daily hands-on practice as you choose. (& remember, this hands on can be as simple as putting one hand on your belly & the other on your heart!)

I recommend students practice Reiki for at least three months before taking Level I.There is a common feeling that each initiation takes 21 days to move through the body. A consistent practice of Self Reiki helps the body attune to the new energy, & brings more ease to the process. Reiki Master Pamela Miles posted about the value of waiting between the levels here

Medicine Basket
Veronique responded to Pamela's post, "You know that 21 day cleanse? Well my cleanse lasted 6 weeks intensively! And I was experiencing such amazing revelations through dreams and meditation that it was a little overwhelming. I am so grateful that the master I chose is so available to her students as she has helped me with all my questions and uncertainty of that new revealing time."

Karla wrote: "My teacher believed and taught that each degree not only has a period of clearing but that you have to live with and adopt each level or degree into ones lifestyle before taking the subsequent degrees." 

Like Pamela, I observed friends who elected to take levels I & II on the same weekend often didn't feel comfortable with Reiki, or repeated the combo weekend several times! One went on to do Reiki Mastery (with me!) several years later, and has blessed many students with initiation. Each of us, ultimately, has our own path & practice!

I took Reiki I in November of 1989, &  the following April met another Reiki practitioner Janelle, with whom I exchanged sessions. My Master Analyse had moved out of state, & when I realized Janelle was also a Master, we began to discuss Reiki II. Before we set a date for my class, I received a flyer from Analyse, with dates for her upcoming Reiki II (& III) classes October 1990! She rented a beach house, & for an additional 25$, students could stay overnight! 

I was tickled, & Janelle was pleased for me. One other student came for 2nd Degree, & we spent a lovely day learning and integrating the symbols, went out to dinner, & the other student left for home! Sheesh! Of course I stayed, & in the middle of the night, I woke up, went outside & danced the symbols under the stary night sky! 

After first Degree, I remember crying as I released some of the old stories. The integration after level II was more subtle. That fall, I began my process of preparing to move to Breitenbush Hot Springs, where I was to deepen with my Reiki practice.

I invite you to consider how you wish to deepen with Reiki! Not all feel called to take level II, or may take it years afer they are are first initiated! Trust your guides & timing!

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