Thursday, June 25, 2020

Initiations and Headaches

When I began offering Reiki classes in 1991, I had just begun making flower essences, and blends or "bouquets." I had several reference books and a few essences from others, and appreciated the ways the energies of Reiki and the flowers dovetailed. 

One of my sets is the Rose 2 Essences from Parelandra, which are designed to "address the electric system's support during a deep expansion experience. Here, one is not processing ordinary, everyday change and challenges. When faced with this kind of expansion, we are required to function in new ways, and with patterns and rhythms yet to be experienced. The Rose Essences II set assists that phenomenon by balancing and stabilizing the electrical system and its circuits that support all deep-expansion activity."
Jude the Obscure
This perfectly describes the kind of deep expansion we experience during Reiki initiations! I brought essences to my classes, and often made an initiation "bouquet" to help with patterns that were being released. I noticed that occasionally during a class, the expansion would manifest as a headache, and began to offer essences from the Rose II set as an option. Usually the headache would dissipate within 10-20 minutes of taking the remedy! 

I've used rose essences from my own collection with equal effectiveness. A couple of favourite additions are Red Shamrock, which is like installing "new spark plugs" and Black Current, for clearing "seven generations of old beliefs, patterns and trauma" 

As essence maker Molly Sheehan says, "each kind of flower essence is a high frequency electrical solution imprinted with the Divine Wisdom and energetic vibrational pattern of a particular flower... When our electrical shortens are challenged by the learning lessons of our daily life, they can sometimes overload, short circuit out shut down...Flower Essences offer our systems an alternative way to vibrate." 

I invite you to consider including flower essences in your personal tool kit, as an additional support for your Reiki practice! 

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