Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Reiki Renewal

During our Reiki journies, we experience ebb and flow, when we feel less or more connection to the energy. I remember my surprise when I asked a couple who had taken separate classes how they used Reiki together, and they said, "oh, we don't really use it any more!" ... and my thought: "but Reiki flows every time you touch each other!" 
Now, that's my belief - that Reiki flows as it's needed, and is amplified in the presence of other practitioners ... And ..That adding the element of intentionality helps focus the flow! 

Interested in healing from an early age, and in sharing what I learn with others, I was drawn to teaching Reiki from my first initiation, and to teaching Intentional Creativity® when that came my way. It seemed natural to explore the connection between the two, to follow the Red Thread to weave them together.

In 1991 as I began teaching Reiki, I thought about Dr Maeda bringing out traditional writing implements to craft the letter to Hayashi Sensei, asking him to take Mrs Tamara as a student. I looked at my Second Degree initiate Jamshed, and asked, "Do you happen to have a Sumi set?" Surprised, he said he did! 
When we met to practice the symbols, I brought the ink stick I'd found in the college bookstore 23 years before, grinding stone, brushes and rice paper, and he brought his beautiful set from China. It was so satisfying to grind the ink, and use the brush to draw the symbols. 
Creative fire
In recent months, some of our Intentional Creativity community members are exploring the pivot needed in these times in a course called Dancing Entrepreneur. I have often felt the process of creating prayer flags, cards, collage and journals could benefit many, and would make a great virtual offering, and one of my personal inquiries has been, "how might I bring Red Thread Reiki practices to my own students, and to other Reiki Practitioners?" 
Visionary Plan cards
During today's call with business coach Julie Steelman, we participated in breakout groups, and after a brief check in, focused on an aspect of our project, something we could take one step toward. I appreciate how ideas and insights are amplified in groups, and got an idea for a mini project we can do on a complimentary call! 

I'd love you to join me, as we explore tending the Reiki Fire with creative practices and community!
* Leave a comment if you'd like to be notified when I schedule the first call, and about the class!

Reiki blessings to you and yours

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