Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Beginning - Reiki 1

When a friend or family member is suffering, do you wish there was 'something more' you could do? When I began offering massage in the early 80s, I often felt that way, .... then I discovered Reiki! 

I've offered Reiki sessions and classes for over 25 years, and am continually touched by Reiki's gentle power, and suitability for most circumstances. I recently spent time with my friend Margot, who was initiated by Takata in 1972. She enjoyed the class, but didn't focus much attention on Reiki till she was studying massage a decade later, and was reintroduced. Like me, she opens the Reiki Door through sessions, classes and circles in her community, and loves Reiki. 

Have you taken Reiki, and would like to reconnect with the energy? Or is it something you've wanted to learn? In either case, I'd love to work with you. 

If you are sensitive to energy, and easily overwhelmed, you may find Reiki helps mitigate that, and you're better able to function in groups. Artists, writers and musicians often discover Reiki helps them tap the font of inspiration.

In Red Thread Reiki I, students will learn basic Reiki practices, form and history, and are initiated in traditional Usui Reiki I. We will also engage in a Red Thread Circle, and make cards for the five Reiki Principles. This class offers 9 CEU for LMTs.

My next Reiki 1 workshop will be held in Newberg, Oregon, April 1 & 2, we'd love to have you join us!


  1. I completed Reiki I, over 10 years ago. I was due to go on a weekend Reiki II training on the Friday, then the stroke happened on the Wednesday...
    Sadly, the wonderful woman who led my training died last month way too soon (ovarian cancer). The world has lost a beautiful light :/

  2. As you ponder, issues will presumably emerge that you hadn't thought of some time recently, maybe challenges that you needed to manage. This is an open door for you to convey all the more profoundly with your body/mind/soul on deep levels of Reiki.