Sunday, May 15, 2016

Red Thread Reiki

When studying Intentional Creativity last year, preparing to become a Color of Woman teacher and IC coach, I needed to offer several Red Thread Circles and events. My teacher Shiloh Sophia invited me to consider the connections between Reiki and the IC teachings, "I know there are connections, explore what they are."

A Chinese legend tells that we are connected before birth with those whom we're destined to meet by an invisible Red Thread. Through out lives, the thread may twist, stretch and tangle, but will never break. We each hold, and are responsible for our own piece of this thread.

I immediately saw a connection with my own Reiki Thread, and considered how to weave the IC teachings to support my Reiki students. In April on 2015, I included a simple red thread circle during our Reiki I class, inviting each initiate to share her piece of the thread. During 2nd Degree class in July, we incorporated the symbol practice sheets into a Medicine Basket journal cover

In both cases, Intentional Creativity supported the Reiki teachings in a beautiful way. I've formulated a Red Thread Reiki curriculum, with teachings to integrate at each level. The Red Thread teachings are available separately for those who have studied with another Master, and most can be taken on their own.

In the 90s, my first Reiki Mastery student reminded me to clearly state what was "pure Reiki" (as much as we know that!) and which were teachings from another source. I've noted the Red Thread teachings available at each level. 

Reiki I:
  • Red Thread ceremony, claiming your piece of thread
  • Reiki I teachings and initiation
  • Red Thread: Soulful Story Cards, exploring what old stories and negative self-talk tapes are running, and writing antidotes.
  • & Reiki principal cards
  • Completion Homework
Reiki II
  • Red a Thread ceremony, intention for deepening
  • Reiki II teachings, symbols, initiation
  • Reiki symbols, Sumi-i on rice paper
  • Red Thread: Medicine Basket Reiki journal/Smashbook
  • Use & Energy of symbols cards
  • Completion homework
Reiki III/ Mastery
  • Burning desire for Mastery
  • Red Thread ceremony, share burning desire
  • Self care
  • Reiki III teachings, symbol, initiation
  • Red Thread: Heal the Healer
  • & Master journal, prayer flags, Reiki Box (any or all as desired) 
  • Reiki Muse/Guide painting (optional)
  • & Master symbol use and energy card
Teaching Master
  • Passing on teachings and initiation overview
  • Red Thread: teaching prompt cards
  • & Medicine Basket revisited
  • & illuminated heart
  • Learn to teach Red Thread sessions applicable for Reiki if desired
I invite you to consider how you wish to deepen with Reiki! Blessings on your journey!


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