Saturday, September 13, 2014

Tune Up

Months have passed after our lovely First Degree Reiki course & frequent blogging here! 

For 7 or so years I've included tuning forks in some sessions, & this week I received Eileen McKusick's 'Tuning the Human Biofield' on her studies of energy & our bodies, & her use of Tuning forks, especially in the energy or 'biofield' around the body. I love her image of the 'mail slot' type experience, where information on how to proceed comes in, as though 'a mail slot in the back of the head randomly opens, & a note drops in' (paraphrased - page 54)

I have several sets of tuning forks, the weight Acutonics 'Planetary tuner' basic set, & Edna Violette Raye Doan's Intention tuners (most of these are not weighted - and intended for off body work. I took the Acutonics practitioner training, & around the same time, found a set of the Intention Tuners on e-bay, from a practitioner who was switching fields! What serendipity. 

Lightweaving is also done off the body, & I've been using the Intention Tuners for some of that 'weaving' during recent sessions, with great results! One long time client & friend told her husband 'That was the BEST massage I've ever received!' 

"In water and watery solids, such as the human body, sound travels over 4x faster in the form of photons or sonic shear waves. As the sound emanating from tuning forks strikes the body's skin interface, complex electrical & photon interactions take place that can alter tissue dielectric properties including altering various acupuncture meridians. ...." (xiv - in Dr Karl H. Maret's forward to Tuning the Human Biofield)

& the explanation for why/how tuning forks work: "teeny reciprocal tuning forks on each cell membrane, producing either incoherent or coherent frequencies, 'changing their tune,' as it were, when bathed in coherent sound." (P 39) 

Eileen writes: "Sound balancing is a therapeutic method that makes use of the frequencies produced by tuning forks to detect and correct distortions and imbalances within the biomagnetic energy field, or biofield, that surrounds the human body." (p1)
& quotes Lynn McTaggart (The Living Matrix): "Informational medicine that changes disturbed information available in the biofield is going to be the future of medicine."

I am grateful for her work, & look forward to exploring her work in the biofield!
I intend to order a set of Solfeggio forksm the set Eileen uses most frequently to complement my others.

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  1. I just added the app 'gString' to my phone, so I can check the frequencies of the forks in my collection that are named rather than numbered!
    I also found my 'Genesis' 531 Hz fork, which is very close in pitch to the 528 Hz 'Mi' fork Eileen uses with a lower (174 Hz) tuner. So I'll decide whether I wish to order other forks to complement the ones I'm currently using!